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Social Media Assessment – Who We Help!

You are a Newbie if…

  • You do not have a business page
  • You have no idea why you need social media for your business
  • You are not sure which social networking platforms would help your business
  • Computers make you nervous and you are not sure you want to use one
  • You have business pages because you heard you should have them, but are not sure what to do with them

You are a busy business owner or entrepreneur who could use some assistance with your social media if…

  • You do post on your accounts every day
  • You do post to social media, but infrequently
  • You only post once per day
  • You post, but you are not getting engagement on your posts
  • You post, get a few likes and comments from time to time, but would like to see more engagement
  • You are on many social media platforms, use all of them from time to time, but are not sure which ones are effective for your business
  • You find it hard to find time in your days to post to your social media accounts
  • You post to your business pages, but really have no focused plan
  • You post every day but know you need to post more if you are to be successful making social networks work for your business
  • You do not have the time to follow up on comments to your business pages

You may need additional training or a social media assessment if…

  • You have time in your day to post and follow-up, but you are not seeing the engagement you think you should
  • You can’t keep up with all of the social media platforms you use
  • You post, get some likes and comments, but know you could do a better job
  • You have time in your schedule to post and follow-up, but you are not sure what to post
  • You do not understand what time of day to post or how many times per day
  • You do not understand your analytics

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