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Flowers were my inspiration for my business name, Like the petals of a flower, so goes social media. We reach out in every direction and extend as far as we can go so we can draw people to our base (the center of the flower). They can’t wait to smell our lovely fragrance (what we offer them) and beauty (the promise of something more or better). Hence, fleur de lisa solutions was created to help business owners reach out and draw people to them (attraction or pull marketing).

Fleur de lisa solutions supports small business owners who struggle with busy schedules and do not have the time to properly market their businesses online, but would like to see their businesses bloom through developing their brand online and nurturing relationships with current and potential clients.

The advantage: Business owners’ time is freed up to actually spend time on their business instead of on social media, freeing them up to do what it really takes to move their businesses forward!

If you are too busy to properly execute your social media strategy, need to understand how to better utilize content marketing and social media to grow your business, or just do not “get” social media (or like it), then fleur de lisa solutions may be the right option for you! Fleur de lisa solution’s mission is to work very closely with small business owners and entrepreneurs to make sure their company and brand are represented in the best possible way through social media platforms. Wouldn’t you rather spend time doing what YOU do best – your business? Contact me today for your free 15-minute review to see how we can work together!


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Demonstrating the power of Periscope.

Lisa Balthaser is passionate about helping business owners manage their online brand and reputation with the use of social media and blogging.  Lisa was graduated with high honors from Delaware Technical & Community College with Associate Degrees in Accounting and Management Marketing.  Lisa also was graduated cum laude from Temple University with a Bachelor degree in Marketing.  Lisa has built a solid and far-reaching reputation for being the “go-to” person for social media advice and online marketing questions.  Lisa started her business fleur de lisa solutions because she saw a HUGE need for the business owners she was meeting.  Lisa is committed to helping business owners maximize exposure and manage online reputation by engaging followers and fans, while providing a solid strategy for business owners she works with.  She frees up time for business owners so they can concentrate on the other important aspects of their businesses that have a direct link to revenue.  Her business philosophy is to establish a close partnership with her clients and work with them as part of their team!

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