Blogging and Writing Services

Blogging and Writing Services

Why You NEED a Blog on Your Website

If you are an entrepreneur or business owner, you probably have a website.  Savvy business owners understand that in order to stay in business they need to drive traffic to their websites and convert visitors into clients.  I know you are a savvy business owner because you are here.

So, what holds business owners back from blogging and creating great content for themselves?  I will tell you what.  It is TIME!  Yes, time! And that is exactly why I created these blogging and writing services.  I want you to reap the same benefits that I have from blogging for my business.  I want you to increase your traffic and your conversions so you can stay in business.

Let’s face it, blogging is an investment in your business.  You either invest the money or the time to have great content for your website.  Most business owners cannot afford to invest the time because if they do, other areas of their businesses suffer significantly, and they either do not reach revenue goals or revenue declines because they are not focusing on building their businesses.  In order for blogging provide a steady stream of new visitors to a website, there needs to be a steady stream of new content consistently over a period of time and ongoing.  My blogging and writing services are designed to provide you with consistent content which Google will recognize and keep you from dropping to the bottom of search engine search results.

Blogging and Writing Services

Blogging and Writing Services

Blog Packages

Our packages are designed to provide you with a consistent flow of new content to your website.  This will allow Google to recognize your site as an authority on your subject matter and over time will make it easier for potential clients to find your content in searches.  While this does take a little time, the investment is well worth it and will pay off again and again.

We understand that most business owners just don’t have the time to create great blog posts since the average blog post takes 2-3 hours at a minimum for a shorter post and 5-6 hours or more for a longer one. Content writing is very time-consuming and can take you away from servicing your customers and gaining new ones.  Our services provide you with the best of both worlds.  We keep great content flowing to your website and you have the time to build your business and help more clients.

Blogging, when done well, can be a full-time job for a business owner.  We offer 3 packages to suit most business needs.  Think of are wonderful life would be if you could focus on other aspects of your business to create the thriving business you deserve!

The Serious Business Owner Package (Highly Recommended)                           $747

This package is for you if you are dead serious about growing your business and understand the importance of new and consistent content on your website for Google to index.  This monthly subscription package provides you with either one 1500 word blog post per week OR 2  shorter ones between 400 and 800 words per week.  You will see the fastest results with this package, and you will start attracting new readers immediately.


The New Business Owner Package                                                                             $347

This package is for you if you are a new business owner or entrepreneur, and you need help getting the word out.  This package gives you 2 blog posts per month between 800-1000 words. It is a good start, but you will definitely want to graduate to The Serious Business Owner Package as soon as you can so you can reap the benefits of more consistent content.  I highly recommend no less than one blog post per week for new business owners.  This monthly subscription package is the perfect complement to your business if you are able to post 2 blogs per month on your own and allow us to write two more so you have one per week. Otherwise, I would recommend The Serious Business Owner Package.


The DIYer                                                                                                    Hourly Rates Apply

I also offer blog set-up and training where I will work with you to set up your blog, teach you the back end, and show you how to never run out of blog content.  While this may be appealing to you, I do not recommend this for most business owners.  Why?  Because most business owners will NOT follow through due to the time and commitment necessary to grow their business this way.  I have trained many business owners who intend to do it all themselves, only to find out that blogging and content creation is a full-time job in itself, leaving little time for their businesses.

If you are truly committed to growing your business, I would highly recommend one of my other services. However, I do understand how passionate many business owners are about their businesses, so I do offer this service to help you make the most of your efforts.  If you are interested in writing your own blog, CLICK HERE for more information.


Writing Services

At fleur de lisa solutions, we offer a variety of blogging and writing services because we understand how vital they are to growing your business.  We have professional writers on our team to meet your every need.  Here are some of the other services we offer:

Turning Your Blogs into Social Media Posts              Variable, based on client needs

Whether you create your blog, or we do, we will turn them into customized social media posts that will grow your fan base.  Great social media content serves to educate, entertain and attract your ideal client avatar. We will convert your blog into posts that will engage your fans and followers and draw the to your website.  Just as with blogging, consistent content is vital to growing your fan base and proving your expertise in the digital space. This service requires a discussion to understand your needs and business.  Please fill out the contact form below and include your phone number and we will contact you.


Press Releases                                                                                                                  $97

We understand that there are times in your business when you need some additional attention drawn to your business.  A press release is a perfect solution to let media outlets know about events, new products or services or major events happening in your business.  Our professional writers will create a winning press release for you to send out to media outlets.  Our writers understand how to grab media attention so you can get the exposure you need.

divider-36856_1280Proofreading                                                                                          $25 per 1000 Words

Let’s face it, most of us are not professional writers. Even the best folks out there make mistakes and write things they later realize they wish they had not.  For this reason, we offer to proofread for your copy and content. We want to make sure you look good!  This will ensure you have error-free copy and look like the expert we know you are.

divider-36856_1280Editing                                                                                                     $50 per 1000 Words

There are many reasons to hire an editor.  The main reason is that, as a professional, you want the world to see you that way.  An editor offers a fresh set of eyes on your copy and can make you really shine.  Your content and copy will win over the best clients if it is clean and grammatically correct.  Since we already know you want to be the best you can be, we offer editing services so you can have the peace of mind of knowing your content is top notch.

We have the ability to provide a wide variety of blogging and writing services to meet your business needs because we have degreed writing professionals on our team.  If you have a need that is not listed here, chances are we are able to help you (or can recommend a highly qualified writer who can).  Our goal is to deliver quality blogging and writing services that will enhance your business and drive more visitors to your website.  We invite you to contact us regarding any additional services or if you have any questions.