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3 Reasons Your Content Isn't Converting

blogging content marketing relationship marketing Nov 06, 2021

Creating content that converts is one of the main goals for many entrepreneurs. You spend hours agonizing over your content trying to create the perfect blog or post, and then...crickets. It is not attracting clients. It is not getting engagement. You feel like no one even knows you exist.

If you can relate to this, you are not alone. Most entrepreneurs struggle with this at some point. But to have a thriving business, you MUST work through this until you get it right. This blog will touch on 3 of the most common reasons I see when my clients' content is not converting.

1. You Are Not Specific Enough

Okay, okay. I know you have heard this before, but you are probably not niching down enough. This is one of the hardest things for many entrepreneurs to do. 

The reality is that yes, you can probably help many people. But the fact remains that if you do not nice down enough, your message will be far too broad and people will not realize you are talking to them, specifically. 

Broad messages can be confusing, and they do not inspire action because the message does not speak specifically to that ONE ideal client you are trying to reach. They don't recognize themselves in the content and therefore, they do not realize you are speaking to them.

To really connect with that ONE ideal client you are trying to reach, you need to speak to a specific challenge or problem they experience. Not something general, but something very specific that relates to how you help them. This will resonate with them!

Some of your ideal clients do not even understand or realize exactly what they need, but when you speak specifically to them and their specific problem or challenge, they can clearly see themselves and identify with what you are saying. In essence, they self-select, which makes your job easier. 

2. No Call-to-Action

For your content to convert, you really do need to tell your audience what you want them to do. People respond best to act on something when they are told what needs to be done. 

What this means is that when you include a call-to-action on your content, they feel inspired to take action and do what they are being called to do. So, if you have a freebie and want them to download it, tell them to download the freebie, or read the blog, or buy your offer - whatever you want them to do. 

A call-to-action will inspire them to take the action you want them to take, but you also need to make sure it gives them an answer to something they need to be answered. It must in some way fill a need they have. If it does, and you ask them directly to take action, they will more likely take the action you want them to take.

3. Messaging and Language

The bottom line is that your messaging and language must resonate with them. 

The words you choose do matter. For instance, if you are trying to attract a high-level client, but the language you use is not the language they speak, but is the language of a lower-level client, then you will attract the lower-level client. 

When you are trying to attract a certain type of client it is really important to understand who they are and how they talk. You have to show up at their level or higher to be attractive to them. You must use their language. 

You also need to position yourself as the expert who speaks to that ideal client AND they need to see you that way. It is not enough to be able to help them with a specific problem, but you must also position yourself as an expert in what you do. 

Another word of caution is the word "free." "Free" does not speak to a higher level client, so if that is who want to attract, then drop that word. When they see the word "free," they assume it will not get them the high-end results they are looking for. 

Bonus: Be Consistent!!!

I wanted to add this one because you can do all of the things I mentioned, but if you are not consistent, and you do not show up at a high level regularly, then you may still struggle with content that does not convert. 

People need to see your content regularly, up to 30 times before they will take action. Read that last line again! Thirty times!!! If you are not showing up consistently and sharing high-level content consistently, it will take a long time before someone knows you, likes you, and trusts you! You need to be in front of your audience every single day. 


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