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5 Reasons Your Offer is Not Selling

marketing sales social selling Nov 23, 2021

Most of my clients come to me when they are frustrated and things are not working. I get it! You did your homework, you polled your audience, you know what they need, and yet you still struggle getting them to buy your offers even though you created your offer just for them! You are at wit's end trying to figure out what is going on. 

In this blog post, I will cover 5 things that it could be.

1. You are Not Bridging the Gap

So, what do I mean by bridging the gap? I mean painting a vivid picture for them.

You need buy-in, so you need to sell the idea first. They need to be able to identify themselves with what you are saying so that they can self-identify as a client. When that happens, they know that you are speaking directly to them!

The best way to deeply connect with them is to clearly define where they are now. You want them to feel where that is and feel what is not working.

You also need to understand exactly where they want to end up. But understanding is not enough. You need to clearly speak to where they want to be and transport them there emotionally. When they can feel how wonderful it will be to experience the outcome they want, they will want the answer you provide to get them there.

2. You are Speaking to the Wrong People

This could be a messaging issue where your message is not resonating with your audience. This can happen for many reasons.

You are speaking to a high-level audience using a high-level language and they are a lower-level audience so the language and concepts are not resonating with them. The same will happen when you are speaking lower-level language and concepts to a higher-level audience. They will not see the offer as anything that will help them. 

Your audience may not be the right fit for the offer. The offer may be too big or too small to fill the need they have right now. 

You may not have done thorough enough market research to create the right offer specifically for them. Go back and do more research and then create the offer you find out they want. This may only take some small adjustments to the current offer and presenting it a different way so they understand it is what they are looking for!

If you want a step-by-step guide that walks you throught the steps and thought process to Create a Signature Offer that Sells, then check out my couse by clicking the image below. You can use this process every time you create an offer and the course is yours for life!

3. You are not Specific Enough

You may be speaking too broadly about your offer. Many entrepreneurs do this because they know the offer can help many people. But when you do this, the exact people it is for cannot see themselves because the language is too broad and does not speak to their specific problem.

When you are writing your sales copy or recording your sales video, make sure you state exactly who the offer is for. Get really specific. You may think that will keep people from wanting it, but the opposite will be true because they will know you are speaking to them!

You also want to talk about the exact BIG problem they are experiencing that your offer solves for them. Again, get specific so they know you are talking to them! And don't forget to mention that glorious outcome they desire as the end result!

Another consideration is the stage of business they are in. The language and challenges of a beginner will be far different from someone who has been at it awhile. 

4. You are Not Hitting Emotional Markers

People buy based on emotion and then justify it with logic or reasoning. Emotion creates motion and action. Whether it is the negative emotions of the pain they are experiencing where they are or the positive emotions of being able to see themselves with the outcome, the emotion prompts action.

5. You Don't Have a Large Enough Audience or Your Offer is Not Reaching Enough People

Sale does tend to be a numbers game. However, you do not necessarily need a super large audience to have success with sales. Organic reach is notoriously low on social media, so enough people simply may not be seeing your offer. Your marketing and sales experience will determine how many people you need to get your offer in front of to close the number you are looking for. If you have a high close ratio and you have the right audience, you will need fewer people than if you are new to sales and your audience is less refined. 

So, if your offer is not selling, go through these steps one at a time, until your offer is selling! Sometimes all it takes is a small change to make a big difference in the outcome!


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