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5 Secrets to Online Engagement

content marketing entrepreneur social media Nov 13, 2022

Online engagement is not the end-all-be-all for entrepreneurs, but it does open the door for conversations that can lead to sales. 

First, allow me to address the elephant in the room: Engagement has no meaning in and of itself, but it is something that is important because it leads to further conversation. That being said, here are 5 secrets to online engagement.

1. Be Clear About Who You Are!

While this may seem like a no-brainer, you would be surprised at how many entrepreneurs try to copy other successful entrepreneurs because they feel that they need to be like them. The truth is that people will want to work with you because you are YOU! They will connect with you much better if you show up authentically and just BE who you really are.  

If you are not sure who you are or you cannot articulate it, then try this exercise. Make a list of 20 things that make you unique, awesome, and amazing. Yes, 20! If you cannot think of 20 things, ask your friends, clients, and loved ones. It is important to come up with 20 things so that you have an arsenal for the times you are just not feeling it!

You will also want to review this list to make sure you are showing up online in a way that represents these things. 

You also want to look at things such as your skills, activities, appearance, values, and even what you like to eat. These are all things that can connect you to others and have others want to know more about you.

Lastly, you want to consider what YOU think about YOU! That's right! This plays a big part in how you show up each and every day. If you believe in yourself and think you are awesome and kind and generous, you will show up that way. But if you are insecure, unsure of yourself, and not confident in the outcome you can get for your clients, your audience will pick up on this. So, it is super important to really work on this. 

If you have to, before you write a blog, write a post, or go live online, tell yourself (and believe it) how awesome you are and all the great things people love about you (that list of 20 things will come in handy here).

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2. Get Clear on Who You Want to Serve

Let's face it, you can probably serve many people. However, unless you are specific when you market your business, you will probably not attract the right clients or meet your goals. And the reason is that your audience needs to identify themselves in your copy. If your copy is vague or too general, while they may see some things you could help them with, they may not see you as the answer they want and need right now, which is what causes them to actually buy.

When you get really clear on who you want to serve, and you talk to them specifically, they recognize themselves and are drawn to the solutions you provide specifically for them. This is why they will see you as their solution. So, if you serve online entrepreneurs, but you specifically like to serve entrepreneurs with children in their homes, then you want to talk about the things that they are facing each and every day trying to juggle the demands of both of those things. This lets them know you clearly understand their situation and they will more likely to work with you!

3. Show Up Where They Are

This one is twofold.

First, you need to truly understand your audience - who they are, what they need, and where they hang out online. Then you need to put yourself in front of them! Go to where they are. It is not about what platform YOU like, but it is all about where your clients are online.

Second, you need to meet them where they are in their business. So, if you want to help people start a business, then that is where you need to meet them with your copy and your offers. If you want to serve established business owners, then your offers and the copy must reflect that in order to attract the right clients.

Sometimes I see clients who say they want to work with more established business owners, but their offers are more reflective of new entrepreneurs. All of these things must be aligned if you are to attract the right clients to your offers.

4. Repeat and Repurpose

When you market online, you will gain a loyal following when your audience understands who you serve, how you serve them, and what results you get for them. So, you want to make sure all of your copy is very targeted. Instead of talking about "all the things" you help people with, pick 3-5 main things to talk about and talk about those things ONLY. When you do this, you attract the people who want to resolve those particular things and they will tell others. You will become known for solving those problems. This is how you will build a loyal following who will refer others. You will be seen as the expert to know for those things!

Additionally, when you repeat, and repeat, and repeat, it soon becomes VERY clear to your audience what problems you solve for them, You may lose a few people along the way, but you will gain more people who want to know more about you! Don't be afraid to repeat things over and over. People need to see things a LOT before they make a buying decision. Be sure to repurpose your content. You do NOT need to reinvent the wheel when you market online.

5. Follow-up!

This may also seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many don't do this! When someone comments, reply to their comment! Don't just like their comment, but think of something to say back to them that will start a conversation. Asking them questions or for more info works very well. The more conversations you have, the more they get to know, like, and trust you!

As I said at the beginning of this post, engagement is not the end all be all, but it does open the door to more conversations and it also helps you to understand if you are on the right track with your audience. 

While monitoring engagement itself, is not a KPI that I personally recommend, you should be tracking how many people you have further conversations with, whether it is in messenger to on a Zoom call, which is ideal. When you are talking to more people, you will naturally close more sales, which is a KPI that DOES matter!





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