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7 Good Reasons You Need a Social Media Marketing Strategist

marketing social media Oct 15, 2014

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Let’s face it, if you own a business you MUST be on social media. Your competitors are there, so if you are not, then you are allowing them to dominate a space to which you belong. While it is not necessary or advised to be everywhere on social media, you must have a presence on the social platforms where your potential clients hang out.

While many business owners think they can do it all themselves, and some even manage their social media well, most business owners do not have the time or the knowledge to manage social media properly. Here is what I tell my clients: If you are financially unable to hire someone for social media, stick with one main platform and do it well. As soon as your business can support it, outsource this part of your marketing. The sooner you are able to do this, the better it will be for your business. Here are good 7 reasons why:


Time is a huge commodity for business owners.  Many tend to work on their business from the minute they wake until they go to sleep.  Isn’t one of the reasons you started your business to have more time when you decide you need it?  Unfortunately, with small business, if you are not working, you are probably not making money.  This is just one way a social media manager can benefit your business.  A social media manager will be present on your social networks while you are not available.  You will be able to enjoy time off like it was meant to be enjoyed and not have to worry that you are losing touch with your fans and followers. Freeing up your time will also give you more time to prospect new clients, meet with existing ones, and service your clients. This one aspect alone will increase your business and support outsourcing your social media.  You will have the time to make more money!

Best Practice and Knowledge. 

Speaking of time, do you have dozens of hours each week to devote just to learning and keeping up with social media best practices, trends, and other industry news?  If you do, then social media probably IS your business.  If you are in any other product or service business and you are devoting this much time to social media knowledge, then you are not working your business and probably not earning the money you should be.  Just as you research your product or service and keep up with all the latest and greatest, so do people who work in social media.  There are so many changes in a given week to know about, it is hard for us to keep up.  Not only that, but best practices, tactics, and tricks of the trade are other things a good social media marketing strategist is always honing.  Just like someone pays you for your expertise, you are paying for the expertise of someone in social media marketing.  This knowledge is valuable to you and your business and can help you catapult ahead of your competitors.

Proper Execution.  

Going hand-in-hand with industry knowledge, tricks, and tactics is execution.  Proper execution can make or break a campaign.  You can have great copy, a great product or event, but if the campaign is not executed effectively, you will not see the revenue you should see.  A poorly executed campaign can even result in poor press or potential clients losing faith in your business. Poorly executed social posting can result in loss of fans, fans hiding your posts, or negative word-of-mouth.  So many people are not executing their basic social media posting properly. Don’t let that be you!

Key Word Optimization. 

When posting on any social platform or running a campaign, you should always optimize your key words. You don’t know what key words are, or which ones to use? A social media marketing strategist will research this and optimize your words to make sure you a hitting the right audience.  Don’t know who your target audience is?  We will help you figure that out.  Your audience is never everyone, even if everyone can use your product or service!

Response Time. 

If you are meeting with clients, prospecting for new ones, at a convention or even have a day job while building your business, you are probably not available to respond to fans’ comments and questions in the time frame they expect.  Did you know that most people actually expect a response within the hour?    While they would like a quick response, most are forgiving as long as your respond within 24 hours.  Why risk a potential client losing faith in you or your business?  Hiring someone to do this for you alleviates the need for you to worry about it and creates an environment where your fans know they can count on you being there for them.

Targeting and Monitoring. 

Do you know how to properly target your ideal client?  Most people don’t.  In fact, many don’t even know who their ideal client is.  A social media marketing strategist will work with you to determine who that client is and make sure that client is targeted in marketing campaigns and ads.  Not only that, a social media specialist will also monitor that information, make sure it is working for you and tweak it if necessary. All of this takes that valuable time you wanted back in reasons #1. Having someone do all of this for you will make your campaigns much more effective and profitable.


I conclude with the main reason for numbers 1-6.  If a social media marketing strategist is working closely with you and making sure all of the above is done properly, you will have results.  These results will support outsourcing this part of your marketing. In addition, you will be able to find more time for your clients and more time for yourself to enjoy the rest of your life!

Wouldn’t you rather be enjoying this?


Written by Lisa Balthaser

Owner of fleur de lisa solutions

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