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8 Reasons to Blog for Business

blog content marketing social media Nov 26, 2013

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For many business owners, blogging can be a daunting task.  What to blog about and the time it will take to actually write it can be a real challenge for busy business owners.  However, blogging is essential for businesses of a variety of reasons.  Used strategically, blogging can help you bring more clients to your business and establish long-term relationships with them.  Here are 8 reasons why you need to blog for your business and make it part of your total marketing plan:

1. Establish Yourself as an Expert in Your Field.  When you are blogging, you are putting content out there that relates to your business and your field.  What better way to establish yourself as an expert in what you do?  When people keep seeing good content time after time, they will look to you as a resource to get good information on that subject matter.

2.  Draw People to your Website.  Since your blog is located on your website, this is a great opportunity to draw people to your website.  Many blog readers will check out your website to determine your credibility.  This is a great way to showcase what your business is all about and attract potential clients to other products or services you provide through your website.

3.  Gain a Following.  If people like your content, they will sign up for your blog and/or newsletter.  This will give you repeat exposure to them by consistently providing more good content.  This following is far more likely to turn into revenue than those who are not familiar with you and your product or service.  People do business with people they know and trust.

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4.  Allows You to Give Back.  A blog allows you to give back to those you want to help by providing good useful content.  In today’s market, businesses need to give to get.  This also allows you to show you truly want to help your audience.  Always be genuine!

5.  A Blog Helps Your SEO.  Adding new content to your website that is keyword rich will help your SEO.  This will allow your website to come up in more searches when people are seeking your product or service.

6.  More Customers.  According to a 2013 Hubspot survey, businesses who blog acquire 60% more clients.  Isn’t attracting more clients the goal?

7.  Blogging Keeps You Focused on Your Content.  Business owners can become side-tracked by the daily struggles of running their business.  Blogging keeps you focused on why you are in business by seeking and providing great content for your readers.

8. Blogging Provides Customer Insight.  Customer comments to your blogs will give you valuable customer insight that you would not otherwise receive.  This will allow you to target your content and product or service to give the customer a better overall experience!

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There are many more reasons, each of us could think of as to why blogging is important.  However, I wanted to focus on these 8 so you can understand the value of being consistent and frequent in your blog posts.  The more you are able to blog, the more potential clients you will draw to you – provided you have great content!

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