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Client Attraction Simplified: Three Things to Consider

business relationship marketing sales social selling Aug 29, 2021

When you are attracting clients, you not only need to know who they are, but you need to know certain things about them that allow you to connect with them on a deeper level. So often business owners focus on the first two, but they forget about how deeply important the third one is. In this blog, I will break it down to help you understand why you must consider all of these to attract the RIGHT client!

1. Pain Points and Challenges

Let's face it, you won't get far if you don't understand what their problems and challenges are. This is the very thing you need to have an answer to for them. While your ideal clients may have many pain points and challenges, it is your job to find out what their most pressing one is and to be able to speak to solving it for them.

Many of my clients come to me trying to solve all the things. And therein lies the problem as to why they are not landing clients. In order to attract your most ideal client, you need to focus on that ONE big thing that is keeping them from the goals, and that brings me to number two.

2. Goals

Not only do you need to know what your ideal client's pains points and challenges are, but you also need to know what their goals are. Where do they want to go? What end result are they looking for? Without this piece, you will not know where to lead them with your solution. You can find both of these by asking your ideal or current clients. And that brings us to the one thing many do not consider - psychographics!

3. Psychographics

First, I will start by defining what psychographics are. Psychographics is the study and classification of people according to their attitudes, aspirations, and other psychological data. It sounds complicated, but it's really not, so let's dig into it.


Attitude is everything! You've seen this in action before. Two people can have the same goal, the same ability, the same product or service, and one is successful and the other is not. Why?

It usually comes down to attitude. The one who has the "can do" attitude and just goes for it with a positive mindset and thinks they can, WILL! The other person who is negative, cannot see the end result, and is very UNenthusiastic about taking action to get to their goal, will not. We've all seen this, and attitude does matter! So, when you consider taking on a client, you want to consider this factor. After all, you want them to get results, so their attitude will in turn affect the results they get from working with you. 

Another thing to consider regarding attitude is their willingness (or ability) to invest in themselves. People who see the value in investing in themselves are usually the ones who get results. People who are unwilling to invest and think they can do it all themselves, usually take a lot longer to reach their goals, if they ever do. People who are willing to invest see the value in asking for help when they need it so they can fast-track through the challenges. Those who think they can learn to do everything themselves, usually miss out on thousands of dollars in sales because they waste time learning to do things themselves instead of speeding through the challenges. See the difference? 

Choosing to work ONLY with people who exhibit the right attitude can greatly improve the results you can help them get! Choose wisely!


Aspirations are things they want. 

Let's look at a few things your ideal clients may want. Do they want fast income, or do they want to build a sustainable business model that provides consistent steady revenue? There is a difference. The difference is thinking long-term sustainability and short-term results. 

Another aspiration to consider that will make a big difference in the results you can help them get is if they aspire to be a CEO of their business and truly be a leader or are they okay with being a follower and earning okay money. Either one is really okay, but when you are considering taking on a client, what results do you want them to have? Who will get the results you want them to have? It may or may not matter to you and both of these clients could well be a good fit for you, but it is something to consider. 

The same goes for income aspirations. If you work with clients who want to achieve 6 or 7 figures, then someone who wants to only make enough to get by may not be a good fit. They will definitely have different attitudes and willingness to put in the work. 

Here's the thing: people have all kinds of different goals, attitudes, and aspirations, and they are ALL okay. But when considering taking on a client, you must be clear on exactly who you want to work with and attitudes and aspirations play a big part in the results you will be able to help them achieve.

So how do you screen prospective clients? My suggestion is to have an intake form or interview intake form. Be sure to ask them about their goals, income goals, and other questions that will help you understand if they are truly the right client for you!


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