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The 1 Thing You Need to Do to Convert More Clients

business entrepreneur sales small business Mar 01, 2021

Sales calls not converting? You are not alone!

So often, clients come to me for help with their offers, their pricing, and to figure out why no one is buying from them. 

It is NOT your offer!

It is NOT your pricing.

It's NOT you.

Okay, so then what is it? Why is it that you are talking to potential clients, they seem to love what you offer, but yet they don't buy?

You are not QUALIFYING them BEFORE you get on the phone with them!

This ONE thing will save you time, money, headaches, and convert more of your calls into paying clients. But too often, my clients either do not qualify them or they do not qualify them thoroughly.

Here are some of the mistakes I see people making that prevent them from landing the awesome clients they want.

Not Understanding Exactly Who They Serve or who they WANT to Serve

I know you have heard this before, but EVERYONE is NOT your client. The sooner you understand this, and the sooner you have a really good grasp on exactly who your clients are, the sooner you will be making more sales. 

Getting on a sales call with someone who COULD be a good fit wastes your time and theirs. For instance, if you work with coaches or service-based clients, and someone comes to you who sells products, they are NOT a good fit. Sure, they COULD be under certain circumstances, but under no circumstances should you jump on a call with them UNTIL you clearly understand why they came to you for help and how you serve clients will (not could) benefit them. If you don't qualify them before the call, you will spend the call trying to figure this out. You could have saved yourself (and them) time and money by finding this information out before the call.

Selling too Soon

There, I said it! You are jumping right into sales without having a true understanding of your potential client's wants and needs. You may THINK they want or need what you offer, but until you understand they are truly interested in what you offer, you are jumping in way too soon. 

Allow me to give you an example I know you have seen or experienced. How often have you received a message from someone trying to sell you something on social media? If you haven't, then you must not be on social media. 

When you receive a solicitation in your inbox that you did not request, it is spam. They are throwing spaghetti at the wall trying to see what sticks. Sure, you may want or even need what they offer, but unless they took the time to truly understand what you want or need, it is an intrusion, and you likely will never work with that person. You see, they have not taken the time to get to know you and to understand your true needs. They are trying to fit a square peg into a round hole and hoping you can see how it could fit. They don't really care what your true needs are, they want you to accept what they already have forced upon you.

It is the same with a sales call! Qualifying them before getting on the call ensures they really do have a need for what you offer and it prevents any misunderstanding about what the call is all about. You are both on the same page BEFORE you talk about your offer.

Also, did you know that in today's online environment, it can take anywhere from 16-30 touches (interactions) with you for someone to even consider buying from you! That's right! Jumping into a sales call too soon before they have had the time to interact with you via your social media posts, your videos, or in DM conversations, is setting yourself up for failure and lower conversion rates because your potential client has not had enough time to know if they know, like, and trust you! And trust is something you need to earn.

Selling to Anyone Who Wants or Needs What You Offer

I am going to repeat this. EVERYONE is NOT your customer! Even IF you can help them. There is so much to take into consideration when working with clients. Here are a few questions to ask yourself:

Are they who you truly want to work with? If you normally work with women, but a man wants to work with you, it may not be the right fit - OR it may. Only you can determine that.

Can you really get results for them? 

Do they have the ability to pay you?

Do your personalities work well together? If not, it could end up being a nightmare having them as a client. 

Getting on a call and selling to everyone just because you can help them is not the answer. There is so much more to consider.

They are Not Ready to Invest

Just because you can help someone does not mean they are ready. This is part of the qualifying process. If someone has never invested or they are not in the position to invest right now, getting on a call with them is a waste of both of your time. This is where you can help them with a small win and invite them into your circle UNTIL they are ready. There is no need for a phone call for this. 

So, how do you find all of this out BEFORE you get on the phone with someone?

If you would prefer to watch the Live YouTube Video, click the photo below.

Qualifying Your Calls

Interacting with Them Through Social Media Posts

This is probably where the conversation started. Continuing the conversation with them will help you get to know them while increasing the number of times you interact with them (touches). 

If someone who looks like a good candidate replies or comments on your post, make sure you reply to their comment AND ask them about more to continue the conversation. Show genuine interest in what they are saying and build a real connection with them. Showing genuine curiosity goes a LONG way!

Take it to the DM's

I know you may not be a fan of chatting with folks you don't know in the DM's, but it can be a great place to build a deeper relationship with someone and learn more about their needs. Chatting with someone in the DM's can give you a better understanding of where they are in their business, what is challenging them right now, and their overall state of readiness for investing in themselves and their business. While this is not a selling conversation, it can provide valuable information for you to determine if you can help them and how. So, go ahead, have those conversations, and build relationships!

Using a Call Planner and Questionnaire

This is a MUST! I don't get on a call unless they fill out this form. Using very strategic questions will help you further evaluate IF the call should take place and what questions you need to ask to clarify where they are right now. 

For instance, some of the questions I ask have to do with prior investments in themselves and their business. Another question I ask is about their budget for the things I help people with (marketing, advertising, sales). If someone says they are able to invest $50/month on marketing and that is not even close to the amount I would need to actually help them move their business, then it is not a good fit, and likely I will cancel the call.  If I do get on the call, that item needs to be addressed with the potential client immediately. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to help them understand why the amount they are able to invest is unrealistic in comparison to the results they are looking for. After that, you can either continue the conversation if they are willing to invest what is necessary or direct them back to your community until they are ready.

Being able to qualify your sales calls using the above methods, can greatly increase your conversion rate because you are not getting on calls that have no business taking place!

Be diligent in qualifying your sales calls. You will soon see that you are closing more calls because you are talking to more of the right people!


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