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Finding Clients is Hard! How to Change the Narrative and Land More Clients.

relationship marketing sales social selling Nov 14, 2021


So many of my clients come to me and tell me they are doing all the things, and yet, they are not landing clients. They tell me how hard it is to attract and land the right clients. But is it?

If you change your narrative, sales do not need to be hard at all. It is up to YOU to decide!

Sales is What You Say It Is! 

If you think selling is hard, it will be. If you think landing clients is hard, it will be. But, if you think it is fun and make it so, then that is what it will be. 

It is up to YOU to decide what selling means to you. Once you change the narrative in your own mind, you can create an environment where you can learn to love the process because you will soon find that sales do not mean you need to actually sell!

Your Energy Affects Who You Attract

How you show up for conversations with potential clients affects the outcome. Your energy, demeanor, attitude, and confidence all come into play. If you show up at a high level every day, you will attract high-level people. The same holds true if you show up with low energy, low confidence, or a bad attitude. 

Your vibe attracts your tribe, so show up high vibe if you want to attract high-end clients. Take time to center yourself before writing content, going live, sales calls, or meetings to make sure you are showing up at your highest level.

How You Think is How You Project

 Have you ever had to do something when you felt under the weather or not at your best? If you have, then you probably felt like you did not perform at your best. And that is because you were probably thinking of how bad you felt or maybe how unprepared you were. Those thoughts show through in the outcome of a conversation.

So, if you show up for a call or meeting with negative energy, a bad attitude, or when you are unprepared or rushed, your thoughts about this will come across in your conversation. Whether it is through body language, the words you choose, or something else, the person you are talking to will notice. They may not be able to put a finger on what it is, but they will notice it. 

Whether you are writing content or meeting a prospective client, you will project what is going on in your head, so before creating or meeting a prospective client, take some time to reframe your mind and show up positive and confident.


I know you have heard this before, but you can not compare your reality with someone else's highlight reel. Comparing yourself to others makes you question yourself, breaks down your confidence and can make you feel like you are not enough. You are!

Everyone has a different definition of what success is, so stop comparing your version to someone else's. Your success is what YOU say it is! Period. 

Your business has nothing to do with someone else's, so stop comparing it to theirs. Focus on where you are going and how you will get there. Your journey is unique and if you are always looking at other people's journeys, you may miss the road you are supposed to take. Create your own version of success!

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Time Blocks and Other Tools for Actionable Results

Do you have systems and processes in place to make sure you are taking actionable steps every single day to reach your goals?

I have found time blocking and lists help me. This helps to keep you on track to make sure you are doing the things that matter most.

Money-making activities MUST be a priority if you are struggling to get clients. This is not an option! If you need clients, you should be spending the majority of your time on money-making activities to get clients! Everything else comes second.

Write down what you need to get done. I make a top 3 every day. If getting clients is your priority, two of those three should be money-making activities! Make it fun. Make a game of it. Set goals and reward yourself when you reach a goal!

Serving IS Selling or Selling is Serving

If you show up at a high level and serve your audience at a high level every day, they will soon know, like, and trust you! When you add value for your audience consistently every single day, they will come back for more because they know they can count on you for great content. When you add this kind of value for your audience, they will want more of it and want to work with you. Serving your audience sets you up to have successful sales conversations and land more clients!

Be Authentic

In today's online environment, chances are you have plenty of conversations. Many of them may feel fake and inauthentic. And that is because most people approach conversations with an end goal in mind - landing a client. When you go in with a goal, the conversation can not be authentic because you are only concerned about your result and not the person you are speaking with.

Instead, go into each conversation to genuinely learn about the person. Take an interest in what they do and who they are as human beings. If you do this, it allows the conversation to flow naturally. Show up and care about who they are and what is going on in their world. 

Yes, I know you need sales, but that will come (see below).

Don't Drop Links!

Have you ever had someone you don't really know drop a link into your DMs? How did it feel to you? If you are like most people it did not feel good, so don't do that to others. Dropping links is kind of like throwing spaghetti at the wall.  

If you truly want to land more clients then you first need to understand exactly who your ideal client is. And you cannot know that without having a conversation with someone. You cannot assume someone is your ideal client just because YOU think they are.

People who drop links into inboxes are skipping one critical step necessary to land clients. They are now qualifying them! You need to qualify people before you extend an offer in the DMs or on a call. 

If you skip this step, you will get a lot of negative results that can kill your confidence. And it makes sales hard. If you qualify them, you know they need what you offer!

Schedule Calls!

 Get to know your audience! Schedule coffee chats to get to know your audience better and so they can get to know you better. This is actually market research because as you learn more about your audience, you will learn how you can serve them better. And that will allow you to create content and offers they want!
I suggest coffee chats because these are NOT sales calls. They are calls designed to build the know, like, and trust. Make it fun and make it focused on them!
You want to learn as much as you can about them in the time allotted. Show up with confidence and take an authentic interest in their business. If you see there is something you can help them with ALWAYS ask permission to talk about how you may be able to help them. Remember, this was not a sales call and you do not want to breach that trust. The best thing to do if you see that you can help them is to schedule an actual consultation call. That way there is no misunderstanding and they will appreciate you keeping your word on the coffee chat.
So, you see, sales do not need to be hard. They really are just conversations between two people. It is time to change the narrative and change your mindset and thoughts as they relate to selling. When you do that, sales will just be part of what you do and it will not feel so hard!

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