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Right Pricing Your Services and Offers

entrepreneur sales small business social selling Jun 07, 2021

 Facebook Groups! Either you love them or you hate them! Either way, Facebook Groups are exactly what inspired this blog post.

If you are like many online business owners, you have some experience interacting in Facebook Groups. If you have ever been in Facebook Groups, you know that there is a wide variety of people in them on all levels from beginner to high-level professionals. And this is exactly why when you show up in groups, you MUST show up with leadership and authority.

I was recently in a Facebook group and I scrolled by a post that went something like this: "How much should I charge for my new coaching program?" I was horrified. I felt so bad for the gal who asked this question


  • There is not nearly enough information for ANYONE to provide an intelligent response to that question.
  • With the wide range of people in the group, MOST people in there were not her ideal client, and that means their answers do NOT provide data she can use to effectively gauge their answers.
  • Even IF someone is her ideal client, they may not be ready to buy and that can be reflected in the answer they provide.
  • If someone is NOT her ideal client, they may not value that type of offer and comment accordingly, leaving her feeling defeated for no reason.
  • There are more than likely many tire-kickers in a group, and they will lowball any price they give because they do not like paying for ANYTHING!
  • Asking others what to price your offers in a Facebook Group, makes you look like an amateur to a group of people you may potentially want to sell to! And why would you do that to yourself?

What to do Instead to RIGHT Price your Offers

Understand the Value You Provide.

If you are transforming someone's business or life, then you probably provide a high-value service, and your offer should be priced accordingly. 

Choose a Price that Reflects that Value!

So, if you provide a high value and your offer is priced too low, the right buyers may not believe there is a high value because the price does not reflect that. You will also not be attracting the right clients to your offer if it is priced too low. High-level clients will not be interested in getting low-level results, and they know if the price is not high enough, they will not see value no matter what you say it does for them!

Be able to OWN Your Pricing.

This means that when you are talking about your offer to someone you OWN it. You know without a doubt the value you bring and you know your offer is worth every penny. This means that you need to be able to talk about and write about your offer in a way that lets people know the value you bring them AND you must never back down your price when people push back. You stick to it because you KNOW the value is even more than your price! Being able to do this may take some mind shifts, but it is well with the time and effort to be able to do this effectively!

You can always change your price if something is not working.

Much of marketing is testing. And pricing can be that way, too, especially if you have no idea what the market will support. You can always change your price higher or lower. I suggest you start at the highest price you are able to really OWN. It may not be where you want to be at first, but you can raise your price to get to where you want to be.

And last, but not least:

YOU set your prices. YOU are the CEO. YOU are in control. 

Your prices are what YOU say they are,  not what someone in a Facebook group thinks they should be. 


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