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Social Media Doesn't Work!

social media social selling May 24, 2021

If I had a dollar for every time someone said to me that social media doesn't work for them, I would be on my way to being wealthy!

Three Keys to Making Social Media Work

So often people come to me for help with visibility, engagement ad because they need clients. And they are just not able to achieve those things. Does this sound like you?


Getting reach on any social media platform means your content is getting seen, or not. While the algorithm does play a part in reach, it really is only a part of getting reach. What you do online has a lot to do with your reach. 

Another factor in reach is the type of posts. Many of the social media platforms favor content that keeps users on the platform. This means that posts with links to other sites tend to get less reach than other posts that keep users on the platform.

A third factor to consider is live video. While all video fares better when it comes to reach, live video can really help, especially if you are getting lives watchers who engage with the video. If your reach is not where you want it and you are not doing live video, add it to your post mix and you will see some reach improvement.


So, you're not getting engagement? Many times it comes down to one thing: are YOU engaging with other people's posts online? I don't mean just like them, I mean seriously adding value. 

More people will engage with your content if you engage with theirs simply because of reciprocity. Making a real effort in engaging with others online goes a long way for your own visibility and engagement - and we just fixed two things right there!

No One Buys My Offer

Okay, so let's examine this. I can't tell you how many times people came to me for marketing and asked me how I could get them more sales. Sales and marketing are very different pieces of the sales process. 

Marketing has to do with awareness and getting your offer out there to the world. Simply put - getting YOU in front of PEOPLE. When you hire a marketer, you are hiring them to get your brand in from of people. That's it.

Sales, on the other hand, has to do with actually having a conversation, finding out their need, and seeing IF you are able to solve their problem. If you are, then the conversation can lead to how you can help them reach their goals. These conversations are usually handled by a sales professional, a social seller, or a business owner. 

So, as you can see, sales and marketing are two very distinct pieces that lead to a sale.

Social media is NOT a sales platform. It is a SOCIAL platform. It is designed for people to communicate with each other. No one goes onto social media with the intent to buy something. That being said, understand that social media is great for marketing, but when it comes to sales, you usually have to take the conversation off of social media. 

So, social media DOES work for what it is intended - visibility and engagement. It is YOUR job as a business owner to have the sales conversations.

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Social Media Works if YOU Work

I know you are probably thinking you DO work! And you probably do, but you are not working at the right things!

I want you to envision this scenario. You have a brick-and-mortar business and you have no Internet. I know! You may not even remember a time when life was like that, but stay with me. 

Your business needs awareness, visibility, and customers. What do you do? You advertise. You go out into the community and talk about your business. You make people aware of how you can help them. You spread the word. You meet people at community functions, network, and maybe even go door-to-door. Soon you begin to be known in your community and your business picks up.

It is the same thing online!!

You go out into the community and you talk to people. You get to know them. You have conversations! This builds brand awareness and people begin to know, like, and trust you! And soon your business picks up. You can also advertise. If you do these things, soon people become aware of your business and your business will pick up. It is the same concept online and offline. 

So often, though, people think that if they put up a page and post, people will buy. That is not at all the case. You need to actually work to make people aware of what you do and how you can help them.

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I would be remiss if I did not mention this one last thing - optimization! I cannot tell you how often I do to someone's profile and cannot figure out what it is they do. You have LESS THAN 3 seconds to grab someone's attention. You CANNOT attract your ideal client if you do not say what you do or how you help people. People will not stick around to figure it out. You need to optimize your Personal Profile, Your Page, and Your Group (if you have one) so that people know exactly what you do IMMEDIATELY!

There should be no question about what you do when they hit your profile. Yes, your profile!

All too often, entrepreneurs say to me they want to keep their profile for their friends and family. Guess what? If you have a business online, you need to show up as a business owner EVERYWHERE you show up online, and this includes your personal profile. Why? Because when someone meets you whether it is online or networking and they look you up, they are going to look YOU up, not your business. For this reason, if you have a business online then you need to make it very clear how you serve your clients and who you serve.

If you approach social media with these things in mind, you will soon see that social media really DOES work, if you know exactly how to use it. 


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