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3 Reasons Why Storytelling Helps You Attract Clients

content marketing entrepreneur marketing relationship marketing small business Apr 04, 2021
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Storytelling is a great way to attract and connect with potential clients. I know you have heard this before. But if you know this, why are you still not on board with this way of connecting with potential clients?

If you are like many of my clients, you may be hesitant about sharing too much of your personal life or your struggles. But here's the thing: these are the things your clients are probably living through right now!

The truth is that most of your clients are looking for someone who has been there and has been through some of the pain they are experiencing. They want to feel understood. Telling your story will significantly help you be seen as relatable to your ideal clients. There is an instant connection, and they know that you will understand them. They will also understand that you are past that and somehow have the "secret" to setting them free and helping them move on from whatever they are struggling with.

So let's get into the three main reasons you WANT to tell your story, or stories of your clients, the breakthroughs you helped them with, and what you helped them accomplish.

It's Personal

Yes, your story is personal but it also helps you come across as an imperfect human. Your clients do NOT expect you to be perfect, and many don't even want that. What they DO want is for you to be able to understand what they need and how to help them. They need to KNOW that you get them. All of this builds TRUST! And they also feel like they know you because you shared your story.

Allowing some of your humanness to show through in your stories goes a long way in helping your potential clients get to know you and decide if they like you. It actually helps to speed things up. So don't be afraid to be a little vulnerable when you tell stories. It just makes you more relatable.

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People Can Relate

So let's talk a little more about being relatable. What makes one more relatable? Shared experiences! It's that simple.

If you have lived through some sort of trauma and you share that with your audience, not only can they relate to you better if they have experienced something similar (even if it was not exactly the same thing), but they begin to like you more and they begin to look to you because they see you as getting past that. They know you will "get" them! You survived and you are thriving, and that is where they want to be!

The same goes for hardships. So many people have experienced extreme hardships in 2020, and some still are as I write this. If you have ever experienced a personal, financial, or business hardship, and you share it with someone else who may be IN IT right now, they will be able to relate instantly.

The last things I want to talk about here are mistakes and imperfections. Own them! Your clients are not perfect and they do not expect you to be perfect either. If you make a mistake or misspeak, simply let your audience know and correct it. There is no need to freak out because you are not perfect. People appreciate honest and real people. The worst thing you can do is to not be proactive in correcting something when you find there needs to be a correction. Owning a mistake and correcting it lets your audience know you are authentic and honest, and that is the kind of person they will want to work with.

Storytelling Gives Your Audience Hope

Imagine you are in a really tough place, and all you keep hearing people say is how easy it should be - but it is NOT easy for you. You feel shame and think there is something wrong with you because a particular thing seems to come so easily to others, but not to you. When you weave storytelling into your content, it brings you to where your potential clients are right now. But, it also shows them that there is hope. That it IS possible. After all, YOU have gotten through the struggle they are dealing with. And if you did it, it shows them that they can, too!

As you can see, being a little personal helps you relate better to where your audience is right now, and it gives them hope. You have the answers they need. And that does not ONLY come from knowledge and skills. There is so much more to truly organically attracting the right clients. Vulnerability, authenticity, and being humble, but still showing up as a leader with authority is a fantastic blend to attract clients who will like you and trust you to help them reach their goals. 

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