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Success is an Inside Job!

business entrepreneur leadership mindset small business Jul 31, 2021

Most people have the desire to be successful at something! If you are an entrepreneur and you have not yet achieved the level of success you desire, you may have also wondered why it seems so hard. 

After all, you are doing ALL the things, and yet you do not feel "successful." 

First, let's start by defining success. The dictionary definition of success is the accomplishment of an aim or purpose. But what does that really mean? It means that every single person will have their own definition of success because each individual has their own specific aim and purpose. So, that means that success to one person may not be success to someone else. This is why you should not compare your success to someone else's!

So if you have not achieved your own personal definition of success and you feel like you are doing all the things to be successful, there are probably a few other things going on.  And that is where I was for YEARS!


Beliefs play a HUGE part in success. Don't downplay how important it is for you to have a healthy belief system. The first step is knowing that you have a belief problem. I didn't know I had one for years, and it prevented me from seeing the success in my business that I knew I was capable of achieving. I worked hard. I did all the things. I had more knowledge than many of my peers. And yet... I watched as they saw one success after another and I struggled. Why? Because I was experiencing some of the most common belief lies out there - but I could not even see it!

Some of the most common beliefs that will keep you from success are Limiting Beliefs, Money Beliefs, and Feeling Unworthy (or believing you are not worthy of success).

Limiting beliefs show up many times when you are trying to grow or go bigger. They prevent you from moving to the next level. They keep you thinking small. They prevent you from seeing the big picture of what is possible.

Money beliefs show up in a few different ways. They can show in the investments you are willing to make (or not make) to grow your business. If you are not investing in yourself and your business, it will be difficult, and take a lot longer to learn the things you need to know to get to the next level. There is a lot to be said for hiring someone who has already been there so you don't have to make the same mistakes. The fastest way to succeed is to bypass challenges because you hire someone who has figured it out already!

Money beliefs can also show up in your pricing strategy. For years, I did not raise my prices because I believed no one would buy if I did. The truth is that I was WAY UNDERpriced and people did not see the value in what I did and therefore, no one bought. People WILL BUY if they perceive value. Today, I OWN my pricing and I KNOW the value IS there!

Feeling unworthy or that you are not good enough is another extremely common feeling for entrepreneurs. If you don't feel worthy of success, it will elude you. If you don't feel that you are good enough to land that client. you won't. And if you don't think anyone will buy if you raise your prices, they won't. 

Here's why...

If you don't believe in yourself, no one else will either. Believing in yourself and your worthiness comes across in all you do - the language you use, the way you speak to prospective clients, body language, etc. You MUST believe in your ability to solve your client's problems, your offers, your pricing, and that you DO know enough. When you believe in all of those things, THAT also comes across in all you do, and people WILL BUY!

My Story

As I said, success was elusive for me for a long time. I had so many money beliefs, it was unreal. Remember all those times you heard, "Money doesn't grow on trees?" All of the little seemingly innocent things we hear as children accumulate in our subconscious, and even if we don't know they are there, they are. And they are wreaking havoc on your life.

Once you recognize there is a problem, you CAN do something about it! And I did! I started looking to God for belief in who I am. He said I am worthy, and so I am! I prayed - a LOT! And I worked on my mindset and beliefs about all of these things DAILY - sometimes more and once per day. It was hard, it took time, and there were times I got really frustrated. But I knew I needed to believe in myself, my value, and that I was capable of what I set out to accomplish. 

I worked on MYSELF for several YEARS - yes YEARS! Actually, it is ongoing and it has become a daily habit - one that pays off! And because I saw the value in helping others navigate through these turbulent waters, I got my coaching certification so that I can help others. I want success for every person who sets out to make a difference in the world. It IS possible!

I can help you break through the blocks. I have been there. If you would like to explore how I can help you achieve massive growth in your business, schedule a free call with me here:

Two Important Characteristics

Through all of this, I have learned that there are two characteristics that helped me move past the challenges: mental toughness and perseverance.

Mental Toughness

This takes practice and you don't get this overnight. Mental toughness has to do with how you handle setbacks, failures, and haters. It comes over time and it is a learned process. The more you have to put mental toughness into action, the easier it will be the next time, and the next, and the next. The next time WILL come. Mental toughness is all about your ability to bounce back. Being able to reduce the time it takes you to bounce back is extremely important so that you don't waste a lot of time wallowing in the negative things that happen along the journey. The faster you bounce back, the faster you get to your success!

Framing failures, setbacks, and haters into a different frame are important to keep it all in perspective. For instance, ask yourself how much that failure really matters in the overall picture, and then ask yourself what you can do to change it next time and go into action to do it! Learn fast and move on!

Another area where you need to build mental toughness is with haters. There are very few people, if any, who have achieved a good level of success and have no haters. They come with the territory. Ask yourself, does what they think really matter? Probably not, but you make it matter - to YOU. Let go of that. It really does NOT matter what others think. Detach from it. Know who you are and OWN IT!


This has always come naturally for me, but it doesn't for everyone, so you may need to work on this one! When you feel like giving up - DON'T! I know this can be hard sometimes, but if you give up then you will never achieve your success, and you have essentially given up on yourself! Don't do that! Most people achieve their success BECAUSE they persevered! Think about that! Believe that your success is right around the corner because IT IS!


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