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You Are Called to Be More!

business entrepreneur mindset small business Jul 18, 2021

What is truly possible for you? Are you limiting yourself or are you living to your potential? For entrepreneurs, asking these questions is the difference between settling and truly living!

Your Opinion vs. The Truth

Every single person is born with gifts and abilities unique to them. You are created to use them to serve others. There is even proof of this in the Bible:

I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. - Phillippians 4:13

So God gave you direction, and you are to believe it! You can do what you put your mind to doing, and all you need to do is ask Him for help.

I also recently heard my mentor, Darren Hardy, say something so profound I wrote it down. 

They didn't have the guts to risk the life they were living for the one they are capable of. - Darren Hardy

Wow! Think about that one! Being called for more always means there is a risk. But are you willing to risk the comfort of what you have now to get to a place where you are doing what you are truly capable of doing in the world? 

Many are not. They get stuck in a comfort zone of "good enough" and never strive for more. They never reach their full potential or make the impact in the world they are meant to make. 


This is a word that many humans do not like. They say they don't or won't settle, but when it comes down to it, they actually do. They get comfortable being comfortable. They settle into humdrum routines that create monotony in their lives. They work at dead-end jobs for lower wages than they should be paid, and lack the drive to make the effort to break free and truly LIVE. And they fear breaking free from those jobs to set out on their own to make a true impact in the world. This was me for a long time. 

So, let me ask you a question. Does any of this sound familiar? If so, you are pretty normal. 

I want you to dig deep. Are you complacent with the status quo? Do you fear what will happen if you do what you really want to do? Or are you worried you will not be able to support your family? 

These are all very real and valid feelings. And going for a life where you are living to your true potential does take some planning, so be sure to take that step before doing anything else.

But DO take the step. Dig into what it is that will make you feel you have truly lived to your potential and then start planning. Commit to more in your life. Commit to a FULL life - and I don't mean busy, I mean fulfilling and meaningful.

Reward Requires Risk

Remember, you are made to be amazing and do amazing things in the world! Really. And you ARE capable, no matter what that little naysayer voice in your head is telling you. 

You are a magnificent human being who is capable of anything you want - as long as YOU believe it. But you are settling. You are telling yourself you can't. You are settling into an "okay" life. And you are allowing FEAR to stop you! 

Have you ever seen someone who has an amazing gift not pursue it? Chances are, they don't even realize they have the gift. They go through life and people tell them they have the gift, but they don't lean into it. Think of all the lives that were left UNTOUCHED. Think of how many lives could have been changed if only they had recognized their gift and leaned into it to impact others. Don't allow that to be you!


There is a saying amongst entrepreneurs: "Do it scared." There is a lot of truth in this statement. There is also another saying: "Everything good happens OUTSIDE of your comfort zone." Both of these statements are true - at least for me, they have been. 

As human beings, we like to feel safe, so our bodies and our minds have built-in systems of stopping us when something does not feel safe. This is why achieving certain goals can feel so hard for so many. In order to get past our natural resistance to stepping out of our comfort zones and doing things that scare us, we must work on our mindset and how we think about those things.

Inaction comes from fear. A natural reaction is to stop pursuing something when fear sets in. It's like jumping off a cliff. We can run toward it, but for most people, the fear will stop them from actually doing it.

You may also fear rejection or defeat, and some even fear success. So, let's talk about rejection and defeat. No matter what others tell you, no matter what you see on social media, there is no overnight success or one that happened without defeat and failure. None. 

So when you are comparing yourself to someone who has gone through all the rejection and failure before they figured out how to reach their goals, you are comparing yourself to who you are to BECOME. Look to them for inspiration and motivation. Look to them for the lessons to move you there faster.

But do not compare. They are in a different place than you are. It is not fair to YOU to compare. Stay focused on yourself, where you are going, and how you will get there. Do ONE thing every day to move the needle to where you want to be. ONE THING! That's all it takes. One step at a time will get you there. 

You've heard of the saying " Slow and steady wins the race." Do that. 

And don't put unrealistic expectations on yourself. If your business is not making as many sales as you would like remember this: only 3-5% of your audience are ready to buy at any given time! That means you have to talk to 100 people just to get 3-5 sales! Are you? Being realistic with yourself and knowing the numbers really does help to keep you focused on your goals and move toward them in a systematic way. 

Your business is a creative expression of who you are. So, who are you? Are you living to your potential? If not, what is stopping you?



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