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Facebook Fan Page Fridays: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

facebook social media Feb 23, 2015

No matter what your opinion is of Facebook Fan Page Fridays, there are both pros and cons to these events.  If you participate, more than likely you are trying to build your fan base on Facebook.  This is great, but are you going about it the right way?

Facebook Fan Page Fridays have the potential to be a really good thing for business owners if they are approached the right way by everyone involved.  The unfortunate thing is that many who participate in these parties do not approach them in a strategic way that will really help their business and be respectful of other participants.

Since I did host a Facebook Fan Page Friday on my business page, I wanted to address some knowledge and wisdom, and some observations about what some do that will not benefit their business at all.  I am not saying do not participate, but I do highly recommend taking a strategic approach to these parties and really use them to truly benefit your business and not your ego.    What I mean by this is simple.  Having a lot of fans may boost your ego, but they only benefit your business if they are the RIGHT fans.

"The wrong fans can actually decrease your Fan Page reach!"

The Good

Facebook Fan Page Parties are a great place to grow your fan base, if used properly.  The whole reason people join these parties s to increase their page likes and potential fan base.

Here are a few suggestions on how to do this effectively:

  • Give a brief overview of what you do in the text of your post. DO NOT JUST POST YOUR PAGE LINK.
  • Suggest the type of people who should like your page. For example: If you want to keep up-to-date with the latest social media trends, like my page.
  • Only “like” pages of those you truly want to follow or know more about.
  • Look for pages of businesses who would be good strategic partners, follow them, and contact them to let them know why you are liking their page.  This could be the beginning of a great business relationship!
  • Follow pages and expect nothing in return.  It is YOUR decision to follow them, not their to follow you!
  • If you follow the above guidelines, you will grow your fan base with the RIGHT fans.

"Trust me when I say you really do only want fans who truly care about what you have to say!"
 Anyone else is not really a fan, are they?

The Bad

As with almost anything on social media, there are always those who ruin the experience for others and cause others to be turned off.  In running a Fan Page Friday on my page, I have seen a lot of bad behavior, some of it is totally inappropriate, in my opinion.

Here is a list of things you should NOT do when participating in a Facebook Fan Page Friday Party.These things make you look desperate like you are just grabbing at likes instead of the RIGHT ones, affect how others view you and your business and could hurt your credibility.

  • Expecting a return like for liking someone’s page.   Like means Like, and in this case, should mean love.  If you like someone’s page it should be because you are interested in their product or service, are interested in the content on their page, or think they would be a great strategic partner or could in some other way have a mutually beneficial relationship.  Just because you have an interest in someone’s product or service does not mean they will have an interest in yours.  Respect that!
  • Expecting to get business from participants of a Facebook Fan Page Friday Party.  As previously stated, DO NOT EXPECT ANYTHING IN RETURN.  Use these events to grows a SOLID network and fan base.  Seek out the people who will help your business, not ones that don’t care what you do (and most don’t).

The Ugly

There is a lot of ugly that goes with Facebook Fan Page Fridays.  This is why many will nto even participate in them.  While some may not agree that some of this is ugly, I will conclude in showing you every reason it is. Here are some of the ugly behavior I see on a regular basis:

  • Leaving a reply on everyone’s post saying you liked their page and asking them for a return like.  They can see you liked their page.  If they see your page is one they would like, they will like it.
  • Worse yet, replying on everyone’s post with the link to your own page and expecting everyone else to like your page.  This is not only presumptive, but obnoxious behavior.  Doing this screams of desperation and makes you look bad.
  • Liking someone’s page and immediately sending them a direct message asking them to like your page with no relevant reasons why they should.  If there is room for collaboration with your businesses state that.  But again, expecting a like for a like is asking someone to like your apple just because you liked their orange.  It makes no sense.
  • Worse than that are the people who like your page, message you to like their page and then unlike your page. This is one of the most rude and obnoxious behaviors I observe. If you are that desperate for likes, and that self-serving, maybe you should rethink being in any business that serves others because you clearly only know how to serve yourself.
  • That moves us along to those who like your page and not only message you to like theirs, but either try to recruit you or try to sell you something right off the bat without knowing anything about you.  Really?  What makes you think I would be interested in buying from someone I know nothing about?  There is such a thing is the know, like trust factor that drives most sales, and you have not earned that yet!
  • Last, but certainly not least, we have those who for some reason feel it is okay to post THEIR business page on your page along with asking you to like it.  Um, first, you just really annoyed me. Now you think I want to like your page?  My business page is mine, as your is yours.  A business page should be devoted to the product or service it is intended for or should provide information for the page’s audience.  IT IS NEVER OKAY TO POST YOUR PAGE LINK TO SOMEONE ELSE”S PAGE – EVER!  The ONLY exceptions are for Facebook Fan Page Friday or if the page owner posts something asking you to post under that thread.  There is never a good reason for anyone to post their page directly to someone else’s – period.


Okay, so now I will address why some of the above behavior is so bad.  It not only makes you look desperate, needy, unprofessional, and inappropriate, but it can actually work against you in the long run and defeat the whole purpose you intend for more fans to have on your page.  How, you ask?  Simply put, reach!

If you ask people to like your page just for the sake of having more fans, but they are not interested in your page or what you have to say, they will not interact with your page.  If  your reach was low before your started “collecting” fans that are not truly fans, you will be reaching new lows before you know it.  This will happen because you only reach a small percentage of your fans in the first place.  When you post something to your page, a portion of your reach will be those same folks that are not interested, they will not engage with your posts and you will be missing out on reaching your intended audience – those fans you WANT!

Unless you are only reaching fans who care about what you say, you will not have good engagement on your page.  When you do not have engagement on your posts, your reach is smaller because you are not reaching your desired audience.  It is the engagement part that creates more reach for your fan page by likes and shares.  This is why you want the RIGHT fans and only the right fans.  They are the ones who will interact and be interested in what you have to say.  In essence, they will help you improve your reach by liking and sharing your posts.  If you have no one engaging, it will be next to impossible to reach farther than the few who see your posts and don’t care.  These are all the reasons you need to focus on your core audience and don’t worry about “collecting” fans. Having the RIGHT fans will take your business much farther than having thousands of fans who really are not fans at all!

"Stop feeding your ego and start feeding your business by going after the right fans on Facebook Fan Page Fridays!"