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Facebook Services Tab – A NEW Feature on Facebook Pages

facebook Feb 15, 2016

Facebook Services Tab is an Exciting Addition to Pages

For the past year or so, I have heard a constant stream of complaints about marketing on Facebook Business Pages.  Yes, folks, reach is down, but there is a LOT you can do on Facebook Business Pages to increase your reach and get engagement on your page.  While Facebook does want you to pay for your reach, they also appear to be making it better and easier for business owners to market their services on their business pages.

I was pleasantly surprised yesterday when  I signed into my Facebook Business Page and saw a “Services” Tab. I was a little puzzled at first because I did not recall seeing this tab before and had no idea Facebook was rolling this out.  So what is this Services Tab and how can it help my business?  Here is what I discovered.

Intro to Services

Facebook allows you to introduce your services.  This section is located in the left column when you click on the service tab, with your website directly below (how convenient).  You may introduce your services to your fans and followers, and this introduction will appear at the top under the Services heading once you publish.   The tricky part is you only have 40 total characters!

Add a Service

September 2017 UPDATE:

Since my original post, Facebook now allows listed services to be re-ordered, so you will no longer have to add them in reverse order. So, simply add all of your services and then move them to the tops are you see fit.  Remember, only 3 are visible unless someone clicks the see more.

Facebook has also added a duration button.  So, if you want to run a promo for a specific time from you can set the duration.  I love this new feature!

In the above photo, notice you have 40 characters to name your service and ONLY 200 for the description. While 200 seems like a lot, it is not and it was challenging to adequately describe each service for me. However, I am embracing this new feature as one more way to market service on Facebook Business Pages! I would highly suggest uploading photos for each of your services because this information will be listed at the top of your business page when you are finished and the photos will attract more people. I used the photos I use on the corresponding web pages for each of my services, but you could use other photos to attract people as long as they are consistent with your brand.

Your services will reside in the feed in the order in which you position your tabs on the left side of the page. Only the top 3 services will appear on your page (see above). This is why you need to think about the order prior to adding them. Your fans can see all of your services by clicking the “See All” link to the right of “Services” in the above photo. It will open the services tab to list all of your services (see below).


When you are finished adding the services you want to add, simply slide the Publish toggle to the ON position.

The finished result will look something like this after you have added all of your services and wrote an introduction:

You can use this feature to highlight promos or new services by adding them to the top position, which will be the first one a visitor to your business page will see.

I don’t know about you, but I am super excited about this feature.  Anything that allows business owners to highlight what they do on social media for free is promising for small to medium-sized business owners who don’t have the budgets or large corporations!