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From Fans to Clients: Three Elements That Speed Up the Process

content marketing relationship marketing sales social selling Aug 14, 2021

Turning fans into clients doesn't need to be hard. In fact, it really isn't hard. But you do need certain things in place for the transition to occur, and that is why so many entrepreneurs struggle with landing clients, especially the right clients! 

In order to attract and land the right clients, there are three things that are essential:


Know Who You Serve

So often, this is the main reason entrepreneurs are not able to land clients. They do not define their niche well enough. They are too broad, and that causes their message not to land well with whom they are reaching. This is step number one - without clarity here, your marketing effort will fall on deaf ears.

Know What Their Biggest Challenge Is

The next step is to understand what their biggest problem is. Knowing the ONE thing that would change everything for them allows you to speak to that problem in a way that will resonate. Take note that even if you solve many problems for them, you are only speaking to one!

Knowing How to Fill the Gap

Not only do you need to understand what their biggest problem is, but you need to be able to deliver on filling the gap from where they are now to where they want to be. Case studies and testimonies work well to demonstrate your ability to fill the gap for them.  If you don't have any, you will need to find a creative way to demonstrate that you can fill this gap for them.

Know How the Way You Serve Your Clients Will Move Them to Their Desired Result

Is there a specific process you move your clients through? Do you have a special technique that you found works to solve this problem? Knowing exactly how you will move your clients to their desired result will help you speak about it clearly in your marketing and sales process. 

Know the Outcome Your Clients Want

You need to know the problem you solve, but you also need to know the outcome they want. Being able to speak to the outcome and what their life will be like when they get there is a huge part of marketing and sales. This is where you paint the picture for them!

Know the Challenges Along the Way

So, you know their biggest problem and you know the outcome they want, but what challenges could they struggle with along the journey? This is important to know because you will need to have built-in processes to get them through these. 

Trust (as in Know-Like-Trust)

Sixteen Touches

The number of times you need to be in front of someone before they buy has increased. Over the past year, I have heard a lot of talk about the magic number being 16 touches. I even heard a major marketing guru state this number is closer to 30! Yikes! What this meant to you, the entrepreneur, is that you MUST be consistent at getting your content in front of your audience. This is not negotiable. You MUST figure out how to do this or you will lose sales to those who are doing it.

Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Another point I would like to make about trust is the content of your message. You must talk about how you solve that ONE problem for your clients. They need to hear this from you over and over and over. One time is nto enough. They will forget. They only retain about 10% of what you say. They will see others. So you must repeat your main message so they know EXACTLY how you can help them.

Be Known for That ONE Thing!

I know, I know! You help your clients with a lot of different things. I do, also! But your message MUST show them how you solve that ONE BIG THING they need solved. You need to be known for "that thing." You can only get known for that thing when you talk about it over and over and over.

Concise and Consistent Messaging

I have already touched on these two, but I want to drive this home. Your messaging MUST be concise, clear, and consistent in order for it to stick with others who see it. Your business depends on this!

Communication and Rapport

Get Into Communication with Your Potential Clients

In order to perfect your marketing and messaging, you need to be in constant communication with your prospective clients. This helps you understand their language and exactly what they want and need. 


  • Build Trust
  • Show off your expertise
  • give you valuable data

Learn Their Specific Needs and Speak to Them

This comes down to having clarity and knowing your clients - what they want, what they need, what outcome they want, and how they talk about what it is you help them with. 

Give Them a Quick Win

There is nothing more powerful than giving a prospective client a quick win to show them what you can do for them. I am not talking about solving all their problems so they don't need you. What I am talking about it helping them with ONE small thing that will make a big difference for them. They will thank you and want more. Don't forget to follow up to see how things are going!

Move the Conversation to a Sale

Throughout this whole process, you are always moving them toward a sale and working with you! This is a process. If you move too fast before they are ready, you could lose them forever. This is why it is important not to jump too fast into sales mode. They need to move through the process of knowing you, liking you, and trusting you. All of the above pieces need to be in place. And then they will be ready and primed to buy! 

 If you put in the TIME to slow down the sale and nurture potential clients, you will close more sales when you finally do have that sales conversation.

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