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Increase Your Visibility With Hashtags

content marketing marketing social media Mar 11, 2014

Are you using hashtags on social media?  If not, you are missing out on a huge potential audience.  On some social platforms hashtags are used in searches and if you are not using them, you may not be showing up in searches.  You want to be found!  Using this simple method will increase your visibility, your followers, your engagement, and will potentially lead to new business.


So what is a hashtag?  A hashtag is a word or phrase without spaces preceded by #.  It is used to group messages and pictures.  When searches are done on a specific hashtag, the results will appear for the grouped hashtags on that specific social platform.  For a business or marketer, the hashtags can be used to track a specific subject or post.  For this purpose, having a specifically defined hashtag can be useful to track where your information is shared and how far the reach is.  On the flip side, you may want to use broader hashtags in order to be found for a specific subject matter.

Using Hashtags for Gaining Visibility

Before you decide on using a hashtag, you want to make sure it will help you gain the desired visibility.  You may want to use an industry specific hashtag, or maybe something even broader to gain visibility in a broader realm.  Remember, the more general the hashtag, the more competition on the search results.  For this reason, you will want to use both broad and more defined hashtags.

To research the hashtag, you will want to check each platform you plan on using it on.  Search each hashtag and analyze the search results.  Are the search results in line with what you expected?  If not tweak the hashtag, and continue until you have search results that are consistent with what you are seeking.  This will be the audience you develop with this specific hashtag, so you want to make sure you use something that will gain you the right followers.  You can also check hashtags and get ideas from websites such as, which will also provide you with related hashtags you may not have thought of.

In using phrases, plug in what you think people will use to search the subject.  It may not always be what you think, so if your results are not what you expected, keep trying different things until you get the desired results.  If you plug in a phrase to, you will see what are potentially related hashtags you may want to use in addition to the phrase. You will want to pay attention to what others are doing with the hashtag and avoid using hashtags that appear to be used by a specific company only.

If you do use, pay attention to the popularity of the hashtag.  The higher the number the more popular.  Use a mix of popular and less popular hashtags to increase your visibility potential.

Using Hashtags for Tracking

Just as you can use hashtags to gain visibility, you will also want to use them to track your posts for your business.  To do this, you will want to use hashtags that are unique to YOUR business, such as your business name or tagline.  Again, you want to make sure to research the hashtag first to make sure someone else has not claimed it for their business.  You want this hashtag to be your own!  You can also create hashtags for specific promotions and events and will want to encourage your followers and fans to use that hashtag when referring to that promotion or event.  This will help spread the word and get your name and business out there attached to the specific event or promotion.  To track where your promotion or event is being talked about, just search the hashtag!  This gives you the ability to reach out to people who may have retweeted about your promotion or event but have not yet become a customer.  You now have the ability to develop a new relationship and gain a potential customer!


If you are not using hashtags, you are missing out!  The whole point of being on social platforms is visibility and reputation.  You want to make sure you use every tool available for you to maximize your exposure, and hashtags are free!  If you are still unsure of how to develop and manage hashtags, find a social media marketer who can help you.  This is a simple method you can use to help your business gain online visibility, so take advantage of it!  My next blog will explain the uses and “rules” across different social media platforms.   They are not all the same, so stay tuned!  Sign up to get my blog in your email so you don’t miss out!

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