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Is Your Business Ready for the Holidays?

business entrepreneur small business Nov 07, 2015

It’s already November, and before you know it, the Holidays will be upon us. I am sure you want to make sure to get your business in order for the upcoming holidays before you get super busy. Because I know you want to make a great impression when you are at Holiday events, I put together a list of things you should do NOW so you are not stressing out later!

1. Business Cards

Make sure you have enough and order them now so you have them when you need them!

2. Perfect Your Pitch

With upcoming networking events and Holiday parties, you want to make sure you have your elevator pitch perfected. You may even want to have more than one ready for unique groups.  You will more than likely meet more people in the next few months than the rest of the year, so get your pitch ready to make an impact! Practice, practice, practice!

3. Freebies, Gifts, and Giveaways

Order extra freebies to give out at networking meetings. You want to make a good impression and have them remember you! Also, think about whether or not you will participate in events in which you may want to contribute door prizes, and order them now!

4. Promotions and Sales

Decide now what promotions you will offer throughout the Holidays. Plan out your marketing plan and decide how long sales will run now!  Don’t forget to prime your fans for upcoming promotions, but don’t let the cat out of the bag by disclosing the sale early! 

5. Flyers and Promotional Marketing Materials

Get your marketing materials ready now! You don’t want to be scrambling later to have nice marketing pieces ready to send out or hand out at events. Take the time to plan them out for the whole Holiday period. You may want to hire a professional to make your marketing materials extra special to stand out during the Holidays!

6. Website Copy and Blogs

Be sure to update your website with any special pricing, copy and landing pages you need to add for the Holidays. You can type them up in a Word document if you are not ready to update your website yet! That way you can copy and paste to save time later.

You may also want to take a look at old Holiday blogs from the last few years to see if you can update them to give them a fresh perspective for this season.  More than likely your readers will not even notice.  Plus, you have a lot of new fans that have never seen the post before!  A few simple changes can make a huge difference!

7. Email Marketing Campaigns

Your campaigns should be a series of emails. Plan them out now and type them up early. You can tweak them later if you need to. Be consistent and intentional!

Bonus Tip:

Make sure your Social Media Campaigns are consistent with all other promotional campaigns. Do not bombard people with your sales and promotions unless you want to lose followers and fans.  Be intentional with your social media posts.  Better yet, pay for targeted ads to reach the RIGHT audience.  You will make more sales by reaching the right people than posting everywhere and hoping something sticks (that is not a plan)!