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Knowledge is Power: Is It Time for Business Owners to Open Their Eyes?

entrepreneur small business social media May 02, 2015

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We have all heard the saying that Knowledge is power.  While this CAN be true, it is not always true.  Allow me to explain.

Most of us go through life and learn new things along the way.  Some learn because we want to get better at something.  Some of us even seek out learning new things because it is part of our personalities.  And some learn out of necessity only.

In my business, I come across all variations of people who seek me out to learn about social media, content marketing, and blogging.  I absolutely love teaching them a better way to do things to get better results.  I enjoy seeing business owners grow and flourish.  But not all of them do.


Is it because I didn’t teach them what they need to know to succeed?  Absolutely not!

Then why don’t some of these business owners succeed in their marketing efforts?

The answer comes down to 3 basic reasons: Planning and Scheduling, Action, and Being Consistent.

Planning and Scheduling

When working with business owners, I help them come up with a schedule that will be workable for them.  Each business owner is different due to where they are in their business and the goals they want to reach.

For instance, when discussing blogging with a client, I talk to them in detail about the time commitment blogging takes and what would work in their schedules and their lives. What I recommend for new and established businesses is different.

Planning this out and scheduling this into an editorial calendar is super important for several reasons.  First, if it is scheduled, you already know you will be doing it, you have blocked out the time, and it is more likely to get done.  Second, it creates a habit that becomes second nature in your business.  Third, it allows you to plan out a marketing strategy over a time period that makes sense to fans, followers, and readers.

When working with clients, I stress the importance of sticking to a schedule in their online marketing efforts.  Is this always possible?  No.  Life happens.  Sometimes clients have major life situations that prevent them from sticking to their schedule.  However, most of the time, they should be making every effort to stick to their schedule.

If the current editorial calendar and marketing schedule is not working in your business, then revise it to one that will work for your business.  While posting and writing more may be desirable, if you cannot stick to the schedule, you are better off changing it to the one you can stick to.


This is where I see many DIY business owners fall short.  I teach them what they need to know, they understand the importance of sticking to it and why they need to make the effort in the areas discussed, and then real life in their business hits and there is little or no action.

We can get bogged down in the day-to-day actions of running our business, and for solopreneurs, some things are bound to fall through the cracks. But if there is no marketing, there may soon be no business.  Every business needs to have a flow of new clients.  Existing clients close shop, pass away or no longer need our services.  Sometimes they go to competitors.  This is why it is vital to keep a consistent flow of new potential clients flowing to your business.

One of the easiest and inexpensive ways to do this is through social media, content marketing, and blogging.  You gain new followers and potential clients by showing your expertise in your field.  While social media can be a noisy place, it is also a place where you can build relationships with potential clients relatively easy, so you do not want to skip using social platforms for your business.  Most people will visit a Facebook page of a business BEFORE visiting their website.  You want to make sure you have a presence on social platforms and that there is a steady stream of new content for your fans.  This is only part of why action is so important.

Being Consistent

Planning, scheduling, and action all lead to being consistent.  Being consistent is so important for business owners.  Why?  Because it helps with the “know, like and trust” factors, which are crucial to building a client base.

So what do I mean by being consistent?  It could mean one post per day or several.  It could mean one blog post per month or one per week.  All of this is really determined by where you are in your business and your business goals.  For instance, if you want to grow your followers quickly, you will not do it by one blog post per month.  The same goes for social media posts.  However, you can still have a solid social media strategy with one post per day – it all comes down to valuable content!

The key is to be consistent in what you do when posting and across all platforms.  This does not mean you need to post the same thing on all platforms, but your message should resonate across all platforms.

Help!  I Don’t Have the Time for This!

What I see happening with some of my clients is that they understand what needs to be done, but they either do not have the time to do it, or it simply is not their thing.  They want to work their business and not worry about marketing, even when they understand the importance of marketing their business.

My suggestion is that if you do not have the time to properly execute an online marketing strategy, hire someone who will make sure it is done for you!   The money you spend to hire someone will come back to you because you will be able to concentrate solely on your business and the marketing person will be focusing on the marketing.  It frees up your time and your mind to be better at your business.  Hiring the right person will also mean much better results since they specialize in this field.  So many people miss this point.  They focus on the cost and not the benefits.

So why do business owners want to bog down their brains with the knowledge they can outsource?  There are many reasons.  Some like to be in control, some truly want to do the marketing; some just don’t have the funds to outsource.

I heard something just recently that really got me thinking.  Outsource what you don’t like to do or what you are not good at.  That makes sense, right?  Then why do so many business owners learn all these extra things and not outsource?  All this knowledge can compete with what we really need to know to make our business successful.

Knowledge is power only if we use that knowledge.  If we don’t have time, don’t have the desire and drive, or just don’t want to make the effort, then all the knowledge in the world will not help our businesses grow.  Learn what you need and outsource what you can.  CEOs don’t do all the work for their company unless it is a company of 1.  They hire others.  It’s time for business owners to start running their businesses like CEOs.