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5 Things You Need to Do to Show Up as the CEO of Your Business

business entrepreneur leadership small business Feb 21, 2021
CEO. Online Business

Are you the CEO of your business? 

Really. I am serious. Are you truly acting as a CEO or are you simply managing your business?

If you are like many business owners I talk to, you probably call yourself the CEO, but you have not yet learned how to step into that role.

There are so many things that come into play when you are being a CEO. For many entrepreneurs, the transition from a 9-5 to entrepreneurship creates a few blocks in truly stepping into the CEO role. For others, the need to please creates an atmosphere of allowing others to dictate your role from day to day and can derail any real progress you set forth to accomplish. Still, others try to be everything to everyone to be liked by all and get clients by any means, which creates confusion and chaos in how your potential clients can actually work with you.

Today we are going to explore 5 simple things you can do to show up as the CEO of your business each and every day.

1. Set Business Hours

This sounds simple, but I can't tell you how many business owners I talk to that set their hours as open 24/7. Listen, unless you own an online store AND you provide 24/7 customer service you are NOT open 24/7. Period. 

Here's the thing. YOU set the precedent as the business owners. IF you say you are open 24/7, you are setting the expectation that you are available to contact 24/7. Is that really what you want from your business? I didn't think so.

A CEO understands that boundaries are necessary. A CEO runs the show and dictates who things will go and understand why. If you want to truly be the CEO of your business, then you will surely understand that you need downtime to reset and have some fun in your life. 

Boundaries are super important for your clients, customers, or team to understand what is acceptable and what is not. If you do not set strong boundaries, you will soon resent the interruptions, the lack of downtime, and lack of sleep that will result from the 24/7 mentality of "always open."

Setting strong boundaries does not, however, mean there is no flexibility. For instance, I set my business hours as 9 am - 4 PM EST. However, that does not mean I never work beyond those hours, but what it does do is set the expectation for clients team members that if they contact me outside of the set hours they may not hear back from me until the next day.  IF I set availability as 24/7, as so many entrepreneurs do, the expectations are that I would get right back to them soon, no matter what time of day or night, which can cause a disconnect if both parties are not on the same page with expectations. Essentially, it alleviates a LOT of stress for you, the business owner, because you set the expectation for them that you are not available outside of set business hours.

So, what if you do have an online store, but you are not available for customer service 24/7? I recommend being very clear by stating store hours are 24/7, but customer service hours are different, and list the hours you WILL be available. Be clear so you set a clear expectation. Remember, a CEO runs their business, they do not allow the business to run them.

2. Show up (Even When You Don't Want To)!

I get it! You work from home. Some days you just are not feeling it. You lack the mojo necessary to be super awesome in your business. Other days, friends or family want to get together or need your help. There are so many things that come up in these times of working from home.

As I previously mentioned, a CEO sets the precedence, they set their hours, and they show up for the set business hours. If you are truly acting as the CEO of your business, you will not allow other distractions to keep you from being there when you say you will be.

A CEO gets up and goes to work just like they work at an actual job - no matter what! They don't make excuses. They don't say they don't feel like it that day. They know that not showing up means setting themselves backward. Showing up means you are serious about your business and you are treating it as if it was a job you had to be accountable to. Holding yourself accountable to show up no matter what for the hours you set for your business shows others you are a serious business owner.

A business is a commitment, and a CEO understands how serious that commitment is if the business is to succeed.

If you would prefer to watch the Live YouTube Video, click the photo below.

3. Have a Plan and Work the Plan

Do you have a business plan? If you don't, you should! I realize you probably know this or have heard this before, but I am always amazed at how many business owners I talk to who have no plan at all!

As the CEO, you are the driver. If you have no map, how are you supposed to know where you are going? You can't get to your destination (end goal) without knowing where that is. A CEO knows this and has a clear roadmap to where they are going and how they are getting there. 

As the CEO of your business, you should have at least a one-year, if not a 5 year, plan. If 5 years seems overwhelming, start with one year. 

At the end of the year or the beginning of the new year, plan out your goals for the year. Break them down into months, then weeks, then days. IF you do this then you will have your plan for each and every day when you wake up. You will know EXACTLY what you should be working on each and every day and where it is leading. Always start with the largest time frame and break it down into smaller segments of time until you get down to days or even hours in the days. If you do this then you will have a plan and also a plan to work the plan. Make sense?

4. Always Be in Growth Mode

You have probably heard the saying that if you are not growing you are shrinking or dying. It is true. 

As a CEO, your job is to grow your business. Your job is to find and explore opportunities to grow your business or make it better in some way. Your job is to stay ahead of the competition and to differentiate yourself from them. Your job is also to stay on top of industry changes, new techniques, or new technology so that you can provide your customers a superior experience.

Growth is not just one thing, but many things, and there are many ways to grow when you own a business. Your job as a CEO is to look for them (or create them), act on them, and improve on what you already have. If you stay stagnant, you are actually going backward becasue your competitors are moving forward.

So, the lesson here is to ALWAYS be in growth mode.

5. Systems and Processes

If you check into a hotel, there is a process. If you buy a car there is a process. Every business has systems and processes in place to make things easy for both the business and the clients. Without them, there would be chaos and there would be no standard to which you hold yourself, nor would a client know what to expect. Yet, so often business owners come to me and when I ask them about their systems and processes, they are vague, at best. Sometimes there are a few in place, but they are not thorough, nor are they well thought out or written.

CEO-minded business owners understand the importance of having a standard. The standard not only allows your clients to understand what to expect but also holds the business to a norm. Having them written allows you to provide them to potential clients if needed, and helps you to have a minimum standard by which you operate your business. 


Having systems and processes written down, allows you to hire a profit-driven team with minimal training because you have your systems and processes in place AND written down for them to refer to if needed. You have set the standard for a team and that allows you to hire a team that aligns with your standards or replace someone who does not.

Hiring a profit-driven team will then allow you to grow, expand and scale your business even more. It is a win-win!

If you do all of these things, you will show up as the CEO in your business, your business will always be growing or expanding, and you will also have the downtime you need so that when you are working you have the energy to keep up with the demands of being a CEO.


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