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SPAM: Are You Guilty?

marketing social media Jun 19, 2015

As a content marketer, I love social media!  I  love making new connections.  I also love learning about other people’s businesses.  However, I HATE SPAM!  I ignore it, delete it and it makes me want to disconnect (unlike, unfollow) with you!

Social media is all about making connections.  After making the initial connection, it is always good to send the connection a personal message acknowledging the connection and maybe asking THEM a few questions.  This is the reason to send someone a personal message immediately after connecting.  Why, then, are people still sending spammy messages trying to pitch me before they know me?

There is a huge difference between sincerely wanting to learn about someone and their business and just wanting to get to know them to sell them.   Anyone who has networked a lot knows not to try to sell someone when they meet them at networking events because it does not work!   Social networking is the same.  How are you going to try to sell someone you know nothing about?

Every product or service has an ideal customer.  These are people who fall into the vast majority of who buys your product. This does not mean that others won’t buy or be interested, but this is your core.  So what can you do to get more clients if you don’t pitch to everyone you connect with on social media platforms?  Plenty!  Here is what you should do:

Acknowledge the Connection

As I have already mentioned, it is a good idea to acknowledge the connection if you do sincerely see the potential for working with someone.  It is best to let them know you are happy to connect with them, maybe ask them something general about their business to get to know them a little, and if you want to build an ongoing relationship with this person, request that phone call or meeting.

The Phone Call or Meeting

When you meet or talk on the phone with your new connection, keep the conversation revolving around THEIR business, NOT YOURS (unless they ask).  If they do ask about your business, answer their questions and try to steer the conversation back to their business.  Remember, they should be doing the same thing you are and asking you about your business, so this should be an even exchange of information.  DO NOT TRY TO SELL THEM!

When meeting with or talking to your new connection, you should be evaluating how you can work with this person for the benefit of both, not for your benefit only.  You want to be able to show your new connection how working together will benefit them, as well as you.

Making connections online, and then in person, should not be all about you, your business, and lining your pockets.  If this is what it is all about, you will develop that reputation and no one will want to meet you.  Trying to pitch to new connection immediately turns them off.  It pushes connection away!

Develop a Strategy

After meeting with your new connection, develop a strategy on how you will be working together and follow up with them.  If you are planning to run an even together, set a process and timeline and actually do it!  If you will not be working together now, but will in the future, agree on when to reconnect, and put it on your calendar.

This is how to make real connections on social media, not pitching your product immediately to someone you don’t know yet!  When they get to know you, they are more likely to do business with you than when you are a new connection they know nothing about.

For Heaven’s Sake, Stop Sending SPAM!!!

No, I don’t want to know how you are making hundreds of dollars a day or thousands of dollars a week, I have my own business in case you have not noticed!  Plus, if you really are making that kind of money, I have to wonder why you are expending so much energy and time spamming people on social networks.  You are obviously lying about your income, which really makes me not trust anything you say.

No, I don’t want to know how to lose weight, drink shakes, or wrap myself and make lots of money doing what I love to do.  I already love what I do.  I already know how to lose weight, where to go to eat and drink healthy, and really have no desire to wrap myself for a short-term fix.  While I understand many of these products are great and I even use some of them, I already know plenty of folks in all the MLM’s, and I would go with friends before someone I don’t know.

If you are pitching something that sounds too good to be true, I would bet it is not true.  You are told to hype it up to get folks interested, but very few people are making the real money.  It is YOUR dream, not mine.  I am living mine.

So, if you really want to make more money and get real referrals, take the time to get to know your new connections!  When you get to know your connections, they may become interested in your product or service and ask YOU about it!  Plus, you have a far greater chance of getting a referral from someone you took the time to get to know, than someone you tried to sell at first connection!


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