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The Power of Live Video for Facebook Business Pages

facebook live streaming Sep 01, 2016

What are you waiting for?  If you have not jumped on the live video bandwagon yet, you are missing out.  This is particularly true regarding Facebook business pages.

I talk to many business owners throughout the year, and all of them agree that Facebook business page reach is way down.  What you may not realize is that there are a variety of things you can do to counter the algorithm changes and get your page seen in the newsfeed.  If you do nothing else to improve the reach and engagement on your page, you should add live video.

Live video not only improves your page reach, engagement and stats all around, but it allows your fans to get to know you better.  Live video on your page allows you to interact with fans and engage with them live. Fans will begin to “talk” to you in a way that was not possible before live video.

In addition to this, boosting a post for pennies per view allows you to reach a wider audience and increase page visits.  It exponentially increases the reach and engagement on your page and helps you achieve organic page likes.

In the following video, I discuss the effects of one video that was boosted for $5.00 for only 24 hours. After watching this, if you are still not convinced that live video can help your business, I invite you to try it for yourself!


Facebook business pages are not dead, you just need to change and improve on what you are doing to keep up with the rapidly changing world of digital marketing.  I highly recommend starting now. Mark Zuckerberg recently predicted that within 5 years you will see mostly video in the Facebook newsfeed.  This means if you do not jump in now you may lose out on some audience to those who are more established in live video.

Remember, people do not do business with you based on your product or service only.  The main reason people do business with you is YOU! There is no better opportunity for you to allow your fans and followers to get to know you than live video.

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I would love to hear back from you and welcome your comments below.  What is your experience with live video?  Have you tried it? If you haven’t, what is holding you back?