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Why Facebook Follow-for-Follow is a Bad Strategy

facebook social media May 29, 2015

As Facebook algorithms make it harder and harder for business page posts to be seen in the newsfeed, I still see people expecting a follow for a follow on Facebook Fan Page Parties.  While a business owner may gain some new likes this way, it is overall a very bad strategy for a business page.

"Trust me when I say that you want ONLY fans who are truly interested in what you have to say."
The ones who like your page for a like who may not be interested in your subject matter are seriously hurting your page’s ranking.  Here’s how: 

  1. More likes on your page mean you need more engagement to keep your current page rank. This means that if people like your page and are not interested in your content, and do not engage, your page rank will fall. Therefore,  fewer people will actually see your content.
  2. Some people who follow-for-follow will like your page and then either hide your posts or hide all posts. Given a choice, it is best if they hide a post rather than all posts. Hiding a post is considered negative feedback, which Facebook recognizes as part of the algorithm. Hiding ALL posts is really bad for your page.  Not only is it considered negative feedback, but people who hide your posts are still counted in your fan base and part of the calculation Facebook uses for the percentage of engaged fans.  For every person who hides all posts, your page ranking may drop unless you make it up in new fans.  People who hide all posts will NEVER see your posts, but are still counted as fans!
  3. On the flip side, if you are liking pages you are not interested in you are doing another business owner a     disservice. If you are hiding their posts, please stop now, and just unlike their page instead. Why did you like their page if you are doing the business owner a disservice by hiding their posts? Other business owners work hard to gain ground just as you do, so why would you want to do that to them?  My advice is to ONLY like pages you are TRULY interested in and want to see their content in your newsfeed.

Are you asking people to like your page to feed your ego, or feed your lead pipeline?  While having a solid fan base helps social proof, there are ways to grow your fan base with quality fans and not people who are NOT fans but like your page because you asked them to.

What You Can Do To Gain Quality Likes:

  1. Create Quality Content. Okay, so this requires a little work from you. Remember, creating a business takes work, and you MUST put in the work to reap the benefits.  You don’t get quality fans just because you create a business page.
  2. Engage with Current Facebook Fans. Every time you engage on your page, it is another opportunity to be seen in the newsfeed. When someone comments, reply! This can go a long way by creating wider visibility for your posts.
  3. Share Your Content on Your Personal Page. Okay, so you may question this, but you know you have fans on your personal page who may not see what you post on your business page because of declining reach. Always share FROM your business page TO your personal page.  That way you can see insights from your shares.  Don’t share too much, though.  You don’t want to upset your friends on your personal page.  My suggestion is to only share the important posts and no more than one per day.
  4. Share into Facebook Groups. Here I am referring to content you created, NOT promotions. There are groups for both. Find a few really good groups to share content you created.  This will provide more visibility for your business and gain you some authentic likes.  These folks already liked what you have shown them!
  5. Find a Few No Promotion Facebook Groups that are Industry Specific. There are all kinds of groups on Facebook. One kind where you can really highlight your knowledge are groups that are there to help people with specific problems. For instance, there are some admin groups out there where people post questions and those who have the answer will provide it, as well as feedback.  This is a great way to build rapport with people, show what you know, and gain new fans.  Answer the questions you know and learn from the ones you don’t!

Building your Facebook fan base the right way will help you build a tribe who will support you, share your content, and refer to you when they meet someone who needs your services.  Forget like-for-like and feeding your ego with more fans who don’t interact with your page. Instead, feed your business with those who will!

Building a solid Facebook strategy is vital for businesses in today’s digital age.  If you would like to work with me on your Facebook strategy, CLICK HERE to schedule a 15-minute evaluation to see how we can work together!