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Why “Flyer” Posts on Facebook Are a Bad Idea

facebook social media Apr 20, 2016

I see so many folks create “flyer” posts on Facebook, and each and every time I cringe when I see one.  Why? You may ask yourself.  What is the big deal?  Allow me to show you why it is a big deal and why other means of promotion are MUCH more efficient.

The Problems with “Flyer” Posts on Facebook

1. Information Overload!

One of the main problems I see with flyer posts on Facebook is people pack WAY too much information onto the flyer.  I see flyers containing elaborate backgrounds with dark or bright colors, multiple people’s photos with descriptions of who they are and what they do, an event description, calls-to-action, a price, the date, the time, the location, a phone number, a website, an event sign up link, and more!  Wow!  I am exhausted typing all of that.  Now imagine all of that on a flyer, which is generally an 8″ x 11″ paper, then posted to Facebook and visible in a 3″ x 5″ (maybe – I am being generous here) image when you are scrolling through the newsfeed. Did you see it?  Could you read it? Did any one word or phrase catch your eye enough to stop (hint -they are probably too small to catch your eye).

The problem is when you do flyers, you should use them in an effective way.  I know, I know.  You probably paid good money to get that flyer made.  But what good is the flyer if it does not captivate your audience and gets lost in the newsfeed because the type is too small to catch people’s attention?


Use flyers as they are meant to be used.  Take them to events and hand them out.  They contain all of the info someone will need for your event.  Place them in places where people can pick them up if they are interested in your event.  Email the flyer in its full format to your list! Your flyer will be better received in its full size where people can enjoy the hard work you put into it.

2. Many Flyers Have More Than One Message

Going hand-in-hand with information overload is the message. Many flyers contain a write-up about the event AND another one about the speaker or presenter, PLUS all of the event information AND a CTA.  While a text post may contain a few of these, an image should contain ONE main point.

"An image posted on social media should have ONE main point to be memorable!" – Lisa Balthaser #Facebook #socialmedia
People cannot process and retain the amount of information most people put on flyers, which is why flyers are better if they are given as a hard copy or email attachments with the full images. Another “problem” with all this information shoved into people’s faces right up front is that it does not give them an incentive to actually go to the actual event page to learn more (see problem #3)!


If you choose to use a flyer, keep is as simple as possible and make sure the copy is clean, flows and is easy to process at first glance. Too many words are not a good thing in this case!

3. Flyers do not have LIVE Links!

Okay, so this is another BIG reason NOT to post a flyer on Facebook for your events.  People do not want to work to find your event, contact you or pay.  It is YOUR job to make it as EASY AS POSSIBLE for people to find your event, learn more, RSVP, and pay!  Flyers are NOT efficient at any of this!  As a matter of fact, a flyer does not allow you to update attendees, give them any new information or entice them any further than you may have already.  It is just plain inefficient as a method of promoting your events on Facebook.  They make your potential attendees work to join the event and pay for the event.  That being said, you are probably losing attendees who just don’t want to do the extra work you should have done for them already.  And why should they?  As I already stated, it is YOUR job to make it easy for them, not their job to run after you for your product or service.


This is a biggie and should be no surprise to those who use Facebook.

"Create a Facebook Event for your events to make it easy for people to find the event and sign up!"
Facebook is created as a social forum that brings people together.  Creating a Facebook Event for your events gives you so much freedom and allows you to target (and invite) a TARGETED audience.  This is the key to the success of your event.  When you post in groups you are posting to a general audience and not giving much thought to the people you want to target for your event.

When you create a Facebook Event you can create an event cover in a MUCH simpler format that is easier to share.  When you share the event, the event info will be in the populated live link that automatically leads people back to the Facebook event.  Every time you share your event you drive people back to the event, so it is much easier to track interest than if you have multiple posts everywhere.  When people see your event in the newsfeed and click on interested or going, they will automatically receive updates you post in the event! This further targets those who are interested!

If you create the event a month to 3 weeks ahead of the date and post daily in the event, you can prime your audience and generate more interest from ONE PLACE.  Yes, you will still want to share the event out from time to time, but the majority of your updates will be in the event itself.  Posting into the event allows you to market the event to people who expressed interest instead of randomly posting to the masses who are not interested. If you plan your posts out, you can develop an event posting strategy that creates excitement and interest for your upcoming event.

Remember, I said keep the event photo simple.  Better yet, keep the words under 20% so you can run an ad (promote event) using the event photo.  (Even though Facebook has said it is lifting the 20% rule, I still recommend keeping text under 20% to be on the safe side). You can now run a targeted ad to reach more of your ideal audience.  You don’t have to spend a ton of money on an ad. As little as $5 per day can get you decent results IF you target correctly.

Now, back to that flyer….

If you do have a flyer, your event posts are your chance to dissect the flyer piece by piece and promote it to your targeted audience in bite-sized morsels instead of shoving a ton of information at them all at once. This will allow you to highlight each speaker and each program section in MORE detail than you could on a flyer AND you will have a selected targeted audience to see your promotion!

Some Last Thoughts

It is clear that Facebook Events are a much more efficient way to promote your events.  While there are many other reasons why you want to create a Facebook Event, the three I mention here provide a solid foundation to build on for changing over to Facebook Events.  Just having the ability to market the event to a targeted event audience should be enough to help you understand the importance of being more efficient in your event marketing on Facebook.

I want you to have successful events, so if you need help marketing your events or would like more assistance with marketing, schedule a call with me to see how we can work together. Here’s to your success!