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Why I Love My Social Media Marketing Business

business content marketing social media Sep 25, 2016

I fell in love with social media marketing almost right from the time I discovered its potential for business.  I was working at a dental office doing her website and marketing, which included a Facebook page.  I soon discovered that her clients really liked getting information on Facebook and were interacting on a different level.  Oh, the possibilities!

Since I already had a marketing degree, I thought I would study just the social media end of marketing when I left that position.  I immersed myself into everything social media for almost a year.  The more I learned, the more I knew this was the place for me.  After years nearly 20 years in the banking and finance industry, I finally landed in a place that held my interest since I was a teen.  You see, I used to study magazine ads as a teen, and was fascinated by what caused people to act on an ad.

While I was creating my social media marketing business, I spent a lot of time networking and meeting business women who needed me.  This was all the encouragement I needed.  I wanted to help these women and I had the knowledge to do it!

One thing I absolutely love about social media marketing is that it is always changing.  A few years ago it was enough to post on your social media accounts and be involved in a few groups and forums on various platforms. This is not the case today. Social media marketing has evolved into a much more complex mixture of social media, content marketing, and blogging.  Simply put, marketing today is extremely content driven.

My social media marketing business has evolved into a digital marketing platform that is content driven.  I help business owners make sense of the complexities of marketing their businesses in the ever-changing digital space.


Many business owners start businesses without the proper knowledge of what it really takes to stand out online.  The competition is fierce, so knowledge is definitely an advantage in the digital space.  What I see happen over and over is that business owners get burnt out.  You see, marketing IS a full-time job!

What happens is that business owners try to do their own marketing AND they try to build and run their businesses. Usually, both cannot be done simultaneously and be given the 100% effort necessary to accomplish everything and meet goals.   Many business owners arrive on my website looking for help when they are burnt out or finally realize they cannot be two people or that they are just simply not good at it or they simply don’t want to run their social media accounts.

Other business owners like to have a more hands-on approach and seek out my training, coaching and consulting services.  Some people need just a few sessions to brush up on their knowledge and skills, and others prefer to hire me on an ongoing monthly retainer so they can feel confident they are up-to-date on social media marketing trends and can be assured they will have assistance in moving their businesses to the next level.

Whatever brings them to me, I enjoy their successes more than my own.  I love being able to help other business owners flourish and create the thriving businesses they dreamed of!  There is no greater satisfaction than seeing an entrepreneur or small business owner achieve their dream and live the life they deserve!

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