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About Lisa Balthaser


Business Coach and Consultant for High-Vibe, High-Achieving Female Entrepreneurs Who Want to Impact the World!

Lisa is a degreed marketer who took her passion for helping to lift women up to who they were meant to be in the world by becoming a certified coach. Lisa’s extensive digital marketing experience allows her to mentor clients to achieve leadership and authority in the online space while up-leveling their digital presence with her vast marketing experience.

Lisa has completed her coach certification at Rowan College (IFC certified) and helps clients break through barriers that hold them back from reaching their goals. Lisa is also a Keap Certified Partner and helps clients with Lifecycle Marketing, which means her clients can enjoy a complete process of acquiring leads, nurturing, converting them into paying clients,  and onboarding new clients. 

Lisa shows coaches and service-based business owners how to grow and scale their business online so that they have a repeatable process that creates consistent revenue and a sustainable business.

Lisa is open to networking, JV opportunities, and speaking engagements.

How to work with Lisa:

✔️1:1 High-touch, high-impact coaching
✔️The Irresistible Entrepreneur Group Coaching Program
✔️VIP Days

Right now, I have just 2 spots open in my 1:1 coaching. 🔥

Who this is for:
✅ You are a coach or service-based business owner
✅ You want more of the RIGht leads and clients
✅ You are not afraid to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and do what it takes
✅ You are 100% committed to growing and scaling your business
✅ You are coachable
✅ You are looking for a program where you are FULLY supported in your business
✅ You want the clarity and focus it takes to create recurring revenue 💲
✅ You want a sustainable business model you can grow and scale
✅ You are ready to take action NOW!

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One of the best ways to connect with Lisa is in her Facebook Group Entrepreneur Empowerment, where she offers tips and training on business growth, mindset, and marketing. There are also intensive learning opportunities in her workshops every other month where you can leave making great strides in your business if you show up and go through the training.

Lisa’s Mission and Vision:

My mission is to lift women out of poverty mindset and help them build thriving businesses to break free from financial dependence and insecurity. Ultimately, I want to help them find their worth in the world and live out their dream life that is fulfilling and rewarding and allows them to feel they are making a bigger impact in the world.

Some of the things Lisa helps clients with:

  • clarity
  • online marketing
  • content marketing
  • SEO
  • online visibility
  • leadership and authority
  • mindset
  • business growth
  • systems and processes
  • creating a signature offer that sells
  • sales and social selling
  • scaling your business
  • business planning and business strategy

Lisa believes that in every woman there is greatness, and she is committed to bringing out your personal greatness so that you can live the life you want! Giving women the tools to be who they want to be in the world and empowering them by helping them bring their passion to life through business is what Lisa’s vision is for the women she works with. It’s time to live an empowered and vibrant life!

*Keap Certified Partner