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The Irresistible Entrepreneur

Group Coaching

I created the Irresistible Entrepreneur group coaching program to help women just like YOU create a thriving business online so that YOU can step into your power and live your life on your own terms.

 It's time to step up to the plate and invest in the ONE THING that will always be your greatest asset - YOU!

 It's time to take DECISIVE ACTION!

 It's time to SHOW UP 100% in your business and fast-track your success.

 Stop leaving money on the table because you think you can do it all yourself. You can't! I thought this, also, and lost $10's of thousands of dollars, if not 100's of thousands, because I thought I could do it on my own.

 No one can. Even the best in the industry have invested in themselves to show up at a higher level for their clients.

 I created The Irresistible Entrepreneur for coaches and service-based business owners so that they can fast-track their business with my Authentic Organic Marketing system that will fill your pipeline group with a steady stream of clients who are ready to work with you.

Here's what to expect in The Irresistible Entrepreneur.

You will:

  • Build a thriving community of people who want what you do and are primed to buy
  • Learn how to take them from follower to client without sleazy sales conversations
  • Show up as a leader and an authority in your industry
  • Decrease all the things you are doing, but show up in a BIGGER way
  • Learn authentic organic marketing strategies that will set you apart in your industry
  • Create a Signature Offer, get known for that, and position yourself for consistent and sustainable income every single month
  • Break through barriers and blocks that are keeping you from reaching your goals
  • TRULY step into the role of CEO and hire a profit-driven team so that your business is making money even when you are not there.

 When you enroll, you get IMMEDIATE access to me!

 This program is not for everyone. It is only for action takers who want to play bigger!

SO, if you want to thrive, be bolder, and finally step into the role of CEO, then schedule a call with me. Schedule a Call HERE!


1:1 Results-Based Coaching and Consulting

My 4-month 1:1 Coaching program is a high-touch program designed to give you my personal attention to move your business forward to reach your goals quickly. You are fully supported in my 1:1 program. I am right there in your business with you in this coaching program so that you have the support and accountability you need to reach your goals.

You will get:

  • 24/7 Voxer Access to me 
  • 2 personalized 1-hour coaching sessions each month
  • Follow up and accountability
  • 1 Emergency session each month

Since I have to limit the number of people I am able to support with 1:1 coaching, there is an application process and you must qualify. 


VIP Bundle

 This bundle may be the right choice if you are stuck in your business and need help with some strategy to get past being stuck. With this option, you will get three hours of my time.  Through my experience with past clients, I suggest the three hours be broken up into 2-3 sessions to prevent overwhelm.  

These sessions can be intense and there will be a lot of information for you to process. In order to understand how to implement these tools, it is best to do smaller time segments.  Of course, you may choose to do the three hours in one sitting, but I highly recommend shorter sessions.