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  • Why work with fleur de lisa solutions?
  • You aren’t getting the results you should be getting from your digital marketing
  • You don’t have time to effectively create content, post to social media, blog, AND effectively run your business
  • You don’t understand content marketing, social media, and/or blogging
  • You are a new business owner who needs social media pages set up for your new business
  • You need to set up a blog and learn how to repurpose content and never run out of content
  • You don’t understand insights and analytics and how to use them to get better results
  • You want a review of your social media channels – this is called a Social Media Audit
  • You need to develop a digital marketing strategy
  • You want to do your own content marketing, social media, and blogging, but would like some guidance
  • You want to free up YOUR time to GROW YOUR BUSINESS!


The truth is that most business owners could use some help or guidance with their content marketing, social media, and blogging. Many are under the impression that they can do it all, but then get frustrated when their efforts do not provide the results they expect.  Many look at their failed efforts and decide that social media marketing does not work.  Nothing could be farther from the truth!

Social media marketing is a LOT more than just posting to social media.  In today’s digital information age, a business needs to provide VALUABLE CONTENT to grab new clients.  This is called pull marketing (or attraction marketing) and is the opposite of the old days of push marketing where all a business had to do was advertise what they were selling.  Social media marketing also requires you be present and engage online because the process of social media marketing involves building relationships (also called your tribe).  Once these relationships are cultivated, and people know what you are all about, THEN they will buy.

Today’s consumers are smart and will size you up to see what VALUE you bring to THEM.  If you are not providing VALUABLE CONTENT in your digital marketing plan, chances are you are losing new clients because I guarantee that many of your competitors are providing it!  Potential new clients will seek out the information they are looking for and will find it elsewhere if you are not giving them the value they are looking for.

Valuable content comes in many forms, but all of it takes time and effort. This is why experts advise business owners to hire someone for this task as soon as it is financially possible.  The other reason is that once you free up your own time you will then have time to concentrate on meeting more potential clients.  This puts you at an advantage to others who are still struggling to do it all.  The truth is it is difficult to do it all and do it well.

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