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Marketing Automation



Attract to Convert

This automation support package is designed to help you get your feet wet with automation. I will help you to create a lead magnet funnel. This includes a landing page, capture page, or web form, a thank you page, and a simple email sequence for delivery, nurture, and follow-up.

I will help you create a system that helps you lead your potential clients to be paying clients through automation and a follow-up sequence that helps them understand that YOU are the right person to help them reach their goals.

This is a 3-month program designed to support you through testing and follow-up. We build your funnel and make sure it is working as it should. We support you with follow-up and converting those you attract into clients!

Make your dreams come true this summer by having a lead magnet funnel in place to do some of the heavy lifting for you!

Make your lead generation stress-free by creating your lead magnet and funnel that brings a steady stream of qualified leads and clients to your inbox!

Here's how it works:

  • We will meet on Zoom and go over your existing lead magnet and ideal client avatar.
  • We make any adjustments (if necessary) to optimize your lead magnet.
  • We create a landing page, thank you page, and email for your lead magnet, as well as a strategy to market your lead magnet.
  • We create copy to market your lead magnet and then get started marketing it to your list, social media, and other places depending on the strategy.
  • We will then start to work on your follow-up, sales call planning, and nurture.
  • We will meet monthly for 3 months to review the performance and make any adjustments that may be necessary.
  • You get qualified leads that will need what you offer!

Attract leads on autopilot, and get ready to make more sales!

I am offering this 3-month program at 50% off ($497) for a limited time.

Does this sound like you?